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I Want To Help You Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be

Valen offers services that include healing sessions, Skype coaching sessions on how to discover your purpose, and advice on how to manage your finances and take the steps to follow your dreams. She is also an author and speaker.

Services Offered By Valen:

SRT Sessions

SRT, or Spiritual Response Therapy, is for those who want to grow on their emotional and spiritual paths. If you keep feeling like the same things are holding you back from living a better life, SRT will help remove those blocks. We will also remove any blocks to your Higher Self and raise the frequency of your Higher Self to the highest light.

SRT is a system of researching the subconscious mind and Akashic soul records to identify and heal traumas in our current life or past lives, along with any discordant energies, limiting beliefs, subconscious blocks and negative soul programming that prevents us from moving forward, enjoying life and expressing ourselves fully. An initial session will clear the energy field and will close any negative openings in the energy field. We will also clear any negative agreements, contracts, promises and vows that can be a source of psychic problems and interference.

We will research and clear past and parallel lives that can cause blocks in this lifetime.A session works to clear and uplift all energy bodies leaving you feeling clearer and lighter. It helps to clear blocks to your soul and will help you feel more in alignment with your soul purpose.

I do sessions online and my rates are: $100/hr or $125 for a 90 minute session. Let me know if you are feeling stuck with certain issues. A 90 minute session is required for your first session.

To Book: Email me at [email protected]

Contact: 843-847-8474

Sol Chakra Sound Healing/Reiki Sessions

The purpose of a Sol Chakra session is to calm the mind and relax the body and spirit so that deep levels of release can begin. You may find yourself releasing limiting beliefs, painful memories, or emotions that have been stuck inside of the body.

Stress, pain, trauma, or illness can often cause us to become unbalanced, and these sessions will help reveal these areas so that you can participate in your own healing. This session is good for stress, releasing blocked energy and trauma, and for overall balance of the body, spirit, and mind.

Using the healing vibrations of sound, energy healing, and crystals, I will work with you to balance the chakras. This will bring your whole system into alignment and flow. Sometimes the work is about bringing more energy into a chakra and sometimes it is about releasing energy from it.

For a session, wear comfortable clothing. You will receive the session lying down, fully clothed, and the more comfortable you are, the more you can relax and be present for the session. Sessions can be done in person in St Petersburg, FL or online through Skype.

Cost: I offer 60 minute sessions for $100 and 90 minute sessions for $125.

Crystal Oracle Readings: I also do crystal oracle readings through Skype. A one card reading (approximately 15 minutes) is $35 or a 3 card reading (approximately 45 minutes) is $75. These readings will show you which crystals to work with to help guide you in your current phase of life. You can also use a reading to custom order a crystal wand that I will handcraft for you.

To Book: Email me at [email protected]

Contact: 843-847-8474

Skype coaching

Are you wanting to do something different with your life, but are unsure of your purpose? Or maybe, you know what you want to do, but you are unsure of the steps that you should take to get there. Maybe, you want advice on how to manage your finances better to reach your goals. Or, you want to know how to increase your self-love or have better relationships. Valen offers one-hour Skype guidance sessions to help you live a better life. She helps you to overcome fear, so that you can take action and create the life of your dreams. She is also available over the telephone if you prefer. Sessions cost $80 for a one-hour session, or $300 for a package of four sessions. Email me to schedule a session.


There are many self-proclaimed life coaches but Valen is authentic. She listens and provides genuinely insightful advice because she cares and wants to see you on the right path. I no longer find myself working in the same dead-end job, repeating mistakes, and am pro-actively working towards living the dream life I always envisioned. I never knew my ultimate vision of happiness until I started working with Valen and now I know it is attainable. Valen will make sure I get there and can do great things if you give her the chance.-Jeremy

I cant thank you enough for the conversation. It was the highlight of my week! you are lovely and so full of life, I admire your spirit and know that deep inside there is a light within me. – Nicole

Thank you for an amazing hour. You certainly know your stuff. I feel unstuck! What I have learned will help so much with my other sites and activities. -Jessica McCurdy Crooks

I really appreciate your help. I just knew something was missing and you helped me to find it. Hopefully this is all I needed to push myself forward and get on with progressing in my life being happy again, thank you! I realized how powerful my own internal dialogue is when it comes to facing challenges and so on, instead of being worried or putting myself down I now smile, tell myself the beautiful/good things to look at and take notice and then take it head on.-Connor 

Remote Intuitive Reiki Session

During this healing 45-minute session, you will receive Reiki as you enjoy an intuitive spiritual reading and inspired guidance from Valen. You will receive messages & guidance from Spirit which will help to support you on your life’s path for your highest good. This session can be done via phone or Skype. Session cost is $45.

Long Distance Reiki Session

Reiki is a healing technique that restores physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  This alternative medicine was developed in Japan in 1922 by Mikao Usui and is today also referred to as “energy therapy” or “palm healing.” Reiki is used to help realign and balance the body. It is also used after an injury and before and after surgery to allow the body to heal more quickly.

Valen is a trained Reiki Master of the Usui method. She can do Reiki sessions for both humans and animals.

During a long-distance Reiki healing session with Valen, you will not be on the phone. Your session will be scheduled at a time when you can rest, lie down or sit in a relaxed position. At the designated appointment time, you will be at rest and Valen will proceed with the Reiki treatment. She will send healing energy from her home to you in your home. During the session, you may see different colors, feel energy vibrations or feel heat or coolness in different places in your body. (You may also feel nothing, but this doesn’t mean you are not getting the benefit of Reiki.) After the treatment, you should feel relaxed.

After the thirty-minute session, you will have a fifteen-minute phone or Skype session with Valen to discuss what you saw or felt during your session.  Session cost is $45.

Speaking Engagements

Valen is available to work with you at your next event as an

  • Event Emcee
  • Event Spokesperson
  • Professional Moderator
  • Speaker
  • Social Media Host

To contact Valen about arranging a session, please contact Valen 843-847-8474 or email her at [email protected]. Make sure to specify which treatment that you are interested in booking.




  1. Oh I did not see the cost, that’s funny because I posted I hate this money world. I’m not working due to anxiety and depression. So thank you anyways. And may God bless you.

    • Trust me, if I had a way to survive on this earth and work for free, I would. But, I have to make money for my services at this moment just like anyone else!

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