Why You Don’t Need Another Crystal Workshop, Holistic Guru, Green Juice Recipe, Or Buddha Quote To Tell You, “You’re Doing It Wrong”

you're doing it wrong

“We can’t hate ourselves into a version of ourselves we can love.” ~Lori Deschene   “You’re doing it wrong!”. Four of the most deflating words in the English language. Has anyone who has said these words to you ever made you want to do things “right?” And yet a quick look at … Continue reading

What Is Ayahuasca Like? How An Ayahuasca Ceremony Opened My Heart And Brought Me Back To Myself

ayahuasca ceremony what is ayahuasca like

Complete surrender. Surrender of my beliefs, who I thought I was, my attachments, and, yes, even my own free will. If you are wondering, “What is ayahuasca like.” Nothing really can prepare you for it except for complete surrender. Yes, the ayahuasca ceremony is not a thing to be taken … Continue reading

You Are Worthy

you are worthy

  Do you want to know what the real evil today is? It’s not people killing one another. It’s not jealousy, nor the fact that we have turned our backs on our Mother Earth. It’s not judgement, or lying, or betrayal. It’s not the worst thing you can think of. … Continue reading