How To Own Your Sh*t

own your shit

Myrtle by Carrie Hilgert

It’s an easy thing to do. You blame others for all the ways your life isn’t working. You use the same excuses over and over again. Your bad childhood. You say that others made you into a victim. You think you’ve had a hard life.

Or, you can start changing that story. See, your beliefs are the key as to why things happen to you over and over. You keep saying it. That people always take advantage of you. They aren’t kind to you. But, the only thing that the world can do is mirror back to you what you believe.

You’ve got to start by realizing that you deserve everything good. That you are worthy of being treated better. Start realizing that you really can change what happens to you by believing in a new story.

own your shit

When you take personal responsibility for your life, and stop blaming other people, The Secret, your guru, or your horoscope for what happens to you, you will see that you have the ability to change your entire life, right now! Take a moment and think about what’s stopping you from creating the life you want to create.

OK, are you done with the excuses? Yes, there will be challenges and obstacles along the way, but most of what’s stopping you is in your head. These things are called fears, and it’s up to you to overcome them. No one is going to do it for you. Nothing is going to change the things that have already happened to you. In fact, it’s up to you to use the things that happened to you in the past for what they taught you. Use those difficulties to your advantage. Use the patterns of the things that keep happening to you to your advantage. Let them show you where you need to change your thinking or your behaviors. Let them see where you need to own your shit.

own your shit

What Happens When You Own Your Shit

When you own your shit, you start getting to know who you really are. When you come to know your shadow side as well as your sparkly light-filled side, you become powerful. You become honest with where you are holding yourself back. When we don’t start by being brutally honest with ourselves, we become our own roadblock. When you start asking yourself hard questions and start loving all of yourself, including those dark shadowy places, that’s when the real you can emerge. You will start to have a more authentic relationship with yourself and with others, too.

So, it’s time to get real honest. Get real honest about what’s not working. Then start working on that.

And, while you’re learning how to own your shit, don’t forget to take responsibility for the good things happening in your life, too. You cause millions of things to go right in your world every day. You are pretty awesome, and it is only by recognizing the wonders that you do that you will be able to take an honest look at where you can do better. Yeah, we all screw up. And that’s OK. It doesn’t make you any less lovable or awesome. Start owning your shit, the good and the bad. Because once you start owning your shit, that’s when you realize you have the power to change it.

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  1. Very true – we can not control what others do but we can control o0ur reactions to it!

  2. Good morning. Last night I had a dream and it was just a message. It said “Own your shit.”
    I woke up and tried to make sense of it. I Googled the term and your article showed up. Lightbulb moment for me…I mean fireworks! This is exactly how I need to change…I need to own my shit! I am in charge of my life…I’m not a victim, so I need to stop telling that story. Thank you so much. The Universe guides us in many ways.

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