Are You A Spiritual Junkie? Then You Are Part Of The Problem.

spiritual junkie

You are feeling pretty proud of yourself right now. You do yoga and meditation every day. You have visited every spiritual healer you could find and are now plowing your way through the “Best Spiritual Books” list.  In fact, you are actually thrilled right now. You are feeling inspired by all the self-help stuff you have read. And, you make sure to pin at least five Spiritual quotes per day on Pinterest.

First, of all let me say. If you are working on yourself and getting healed and taking time to meditate, that’s awesome. But, let me tell you something, my friend. It doesn’t stop there. That thrill that you feel. That’s not what change feels like. That feeling is the feeling of the spiritual junkie numbing themselves out on inspiration, so they don’t have to make the real changes that are needed for the world.

Are You A Spiritual Junkie?

If your life is full of spiritual activities, but you have no vision as to what you are going to bring to this world and what your purpose is here, then you are a spiritual junkie. If you are reading all of the right books, but your life isn’t changing, then you are a spiritual junkie. If you are sending out thoughts of loving kindness to the world, but you can’t reach out to your friend who is obviously hurting inside, then you are a spiritual junkie. If you are afraid of being vulnerable and keep a mask of positivity up while practicing your affirmations when, really, your world is falling apart, then you are a spiritual junkie. If you can’t let a conversation go by without mentioning those beings from other realms, while you are doing absolutely nothing about this dimension, then you are a spiritual junkie. If you are waiting for the Universe to make everything perfect before taking the next step, then you are a spiritual junkie. You can’t hide in your meditation bubble forever. Break away from the drum circle for just one minute and realize, “We are part of the problem.”

Yes, spiritual activities are a wonderful inspiration and healing force in our lives, but if you aren’t actually taking action, then you are just using them for the “high” they give you, and everything in this world is going to stay exactly the same. Are you OK with that? Are you OK with letting your fear and your laziness stop you from making this place better? Are you OK with your excuses that you need to work so many hours so you can buy expensive furniture for your house that you never even have time to sit on, or that you just really aren’t ready and need to go to your forty-third healing session before you have anything to give this world? The world needs you NOW. If you haven’t noticed, it’s kind of falling apart.

I’ll be honest with you. That thrill that you have now, that feeling of bliss that just around the corner that’s when you will start to live your purpose, but, boy, are you inspired and so ready to kick ass when the Universe tells you the time is right. That feeling is going to turn into sheer terror when you really start to live your purpose. Because, you will be risking everything to do so. And, you are going to know that it’s so important that you do so, that you aren’t going to want to screw it up.

That comfortable, floaty feeling you have right now is going to turn into discomfort and hard work. Because, every time we decide to make a change, some hard work is involved. There is ALWAYS something we will have to give up in order to have something new. But, then, you are going to come out on top. And that floaty feeling you have right now is going to surge into pure ecstatic bliss, because finally you will see why you read all those spiritual books and are doing all those hours of meditation. They are there to show you the path. And, finally, you chose to walk it.

And, if you see yourself in this, there is nothing wrong with you. All of us have been guilty of using something to numb out. Whether it’s alcohol, drugs, social media, TV, or spiritual activities, we have all used something to numb us from the fact that there is something we can be doing right now. But, we don’t want to believe that we have what it takes. Do you know how enough you are? How worthy you are? Use that healing and those spiritual teachings to teach you that, and then take what you have learned and share it with the world. This world that needs you right now. Just as you are. You are perfect right now. Don’t let them shame you into feeling you aren’t enough. You are.

Don’t let your spiritual activities numb your fear of making a change right now. You are ready. Right now. Just as you are. You’ve got to do more than just pray for change. It’s time to be the change. Stop thinking about what you are going to do someday, and do it now.

Know that there are others. Others like you are just waiting to help you. It’s time to take off the Buddha mask and admit that you are touched by what is happening in our world. Show your pain. Show your tears. Show your anger. Show your rage. And then do something about it.

If your vision is to start living your purpose right now and changing the world right now, I want to help!

Let’s chat. Email me at [email protected] to schedule some time with me. I want to help you quiet your fears and get to a place of freedom.

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  1. Wow, this is fantastic. So many things that most of us need to hear. Thanks for the tough love and the nudge to just get out there and do SOMETHING versus just sitting and waiting for the proverbial lightening to strike.

  2. Ha ha – I confess to formerly being a spiritual junkie. Instantly though, I changed when the dangers of being a spiritual junkie were explained to me.

    It is all about locus of control. To thrive, we need an internal locus of control. Very often, people can lose themselves so much in spirituality that they develop an external locus of control, in that they believe other forces are accountable for the good and bad things in their life.

    So for example, if they do well in a test at work or school, rather than taking credit for the result themselves, they attribute it towards the spiritual forces.

    This line of thinking can actually snowball to the point where that person develops depression, social anxiety and a low self esteem. But they never recognize it because their spirituality gives them in a quick “high” And so the cycle begins!

  3. Thank you so much for this! I mean, wow. So brilliantly and simply expressed.

  4. Two ‘un-gurus’ who see most spirituality as a distraction and espouse ‘killing the Buddha’ (your teacher) are UG Krishnamurti and Jed McKenna.

  5. Is it fair to say that the world is falling apart or the fact it is loosely held together? I think the latter is more accurate.

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