You Are Worthy


you are worthy

Do you want to know what the real evil today is? It’s not people killing one another. It’s not jealousy, nor the fact that we have turned our backs on our Mother Earth. It’s not judgement, or lying, or betrayal. It’s not the worst thing you can think of.

It’s feeling this. “That we are not worthy.” We believe those voices that tell us that because we aren’t perfect, we aren’t worthy. And that is what will destroy us.

On the last Shambala meditation retreat I went to, as I was walking in circles for what seemed like the thousandth time, my mind finally cleared from all the mutterings. I finally fell into a state of non- thinking. This is the single thought that came to me. “I am worthy”.

Over and over I heard those words. At first I didn’t believe them. But over and over those words came until finally I believed. But, the moment I believed, those words changed to “I am” I realized that was the point. To stop struggling to feel worthy and just to know that it was enough that “I am”.

We miss our destinies because of this. We don’t follow our dreams because of this. The gifts we have to give the world are not given because of this one thought of not being worthy, of not being enough. This thought is what we have to overcome as a Planet!

Do you think that if we all felt worthy that for one single second we would mistreat the Earth, each other or ourselves the way that we do? Start spreading the message to each other, to your self, to your deepest heart. You are worthy, and then, quite simply: You are. You are. And that is the deepest miracle.

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  1. I absolutely couldn’t agree more with this entire post! I recently created my own website/blog about living consciously and I think that this is something that’s very important for everyone to understand, it’s also something that I find myself having to shout at myself daily. In a world that conditions you to think that you must do certain things or overcome some kind of adversity to somehow find your worth it’s incredibly hard to realize that you have always been worthy. That’s the real adversity! Beautiful post.

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