Are You Tired Of Life? This Could Be The Reason Why

tired of life

If you have never found something so dear and precious to you that you will die for it. Then you are not fit to live. You might be 38 years old as I happen to be, and one day you are called upon to stand up for some great principle or cause, and you refuse because you are afraid.

You refuse to do it because you want to live longer. You are afraid that you will lose your job. You are afraid that you will be criticized by others. You are afraid that you will lose your popularity, or you are afraid that somebody will stab you, or shoot at you, or bomb your house. So you refuse to take a stand.

Well you may go on and live to be 90 years old, but you are already dead. You died when you refused to stand up for right. You died when you refused to stand up for truth. You died when you refused to stand up for justice. Don’t ever think that you are by yourself.

Go to jail if necessary, but you never go alone. Take a stand for that which you know is right. The world might misunderstand you and criticize you, but you are never alone. One with God is the majority—-DR. KING (from the Autobiography of Dr. King)

Why You Are Tired Of Life

There is a very good reason you might be feeling tired of life right now. You were born into this world with a purpose. But, chances are you have succumbed to society’s conditioning. You have bought into consumerism. You have been fooled into buying a bunch of useless junk (junk that still didn’t make you happy), and instead of having time to live the life you work so hard for, you are stuck with the same Monday-Friday routine, the same monotony with only the weekends left to follow your dreams. Only then, you are so tired from the rest of the week, that you use the weekends to zone out, to sleep, and do nothing to create the kind of life that you want to be living.

tired of life

Why You Don’t Feel Fulfilled

Your soul isn’t going to let you rest any longer. It knows that you are living a lie, and it’s trying to do everything it can to wake you up. As you will see in the video at the end of this article, Spencer Cathcart got it right.

You have sold your soul to work for the elite of this world, those who hunger for power and control. And, you have given it freely to them in exchange for worthless pieces of paper that you think will give you happiness and security. As Spencer says, “Their most valuable resource is not in the ground. It is us. They gave us money and, in return, we gave them the world.”

tired of life

We live in a world that is being destroyed, and, by not doing anything about it, we are part of the destruction. So, we choose instead to zone out with our Smartphones. We let our lives become filled with unimportant Facebook statuses and pretty pictures on Pinterest and completely miss what is really going on. So, yeah, no wonder you are tired of life. You will continue to feel this way until you actually start living it.

tired of life

How To Stop Feeling Tired Of Life

If you want to stop feeling tired of life, then create a life that is worth living. Is this really the life you want? The one where you are overworked, stressed out, burned up, and chronically busy?

Stop being what they told you to be, and start living your passions and following your dreams. And, don’t just focus on yourself. When you focus on others, your life will take on meaning again. You will see that you are needed. Also, you will see the gifts that you have to offer this world, and why we need you to start being a part of it instead of just an observer.

We all want someone else to bring change, but it just doesn’t work that way. First of all, we have to change. We have to strip away our fears. We have to know we won’t wind up starving on the streets if we start doing what we love.

And, we have to be willing to change how we see things. We have to stop the busy. We have run and run from facing who we really are, and it’s time to see there is no monster inside to be scared of, only a hurt, lost child that needs your embrace. You have more power than you know. We all do.

One of the things that helped me stop being tired of life was realizing that I can control my thoughts. For more information on how to do this, I recommend that you check out my other site at

Yes, it’s going to take courage. It’s going to cause people to shun you because you are bold enough to take a stand. It’s going to take learning to say no. But, more important, it’s going to take learning to say yes. To yourself. To life. And to all of us.

Some Of The Books That Helped Me View Life Differently

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  1. I understand you’re meaning. Sounds like the movie “Fight Club” to me. The only problem is if people don’t want to live on the street, they do need a job to pay rent. And necessities. What advice can you give to someone who reads this, goes to work and quits their job? Find one you enjoy? Don’t worry? Follow your dream but be broke? Money doesn’t buy happiness but when someone has none at all, it will make them happy not to have to worry about where they’re going to sleep that night. When I walk past a homeless person, somehow I doubt they are happier than me. And if I was able to help them, I’m sure they would be happy. There’s an example of money buying happiness.

    • Kate, you exemplify the belief that women love the status quo if there’s money coming in. Women want security for themselves and their children–it’s biological and understandable. The “Carpe Diem” espoused by this article is, imho, aimed at and more likely to be followed by men. I don’t know how Gloria Steinem feels about this but my guess is that even she would side with you.

      • It’s possible to have security and do what you love, but the elite have tried to make us believe that it isn’t so that we will continue to work for them!

        • Exactly but the elite can look to such movies as the shore shank redemption and the road as examples of what people are willing to do to change it enough is enough im at a point in my life where i am ready to die for change as my great hero said give me freedom or give me death

          • Movies that were produced and directed by the elite :/

          • I’m at the point where it’s either bend over and do what the elite want or kill myself. I can’t think of a way that doesn’t contribute to this messed up system. I don’t want to lie cheat steal or manipulate others to be “happy” or secure.

          • It’s up to us to create something different….don’t give up yet. What talents do you have to get outside the system? I want to create a barter exchange to get out. Can you start by bartering with the people you know?

        • I’m 43 years old, and make a good income. I’m sick of people stating it’s the elite bring them down.
          I grew up in a home where my father killed himself when I was 3, my mother killed herself when I was 14. Then having to live in a group home seeing no one wanted me. My brother had his friends to move into with. My brother passed when I was 16 and he was 17.
          So again I put 1 foot in front of the other. Graduated at 16, started college, got a ba, ma, PhD, and a jury’s doc. Didn’t make me happy. So I joined the military. I didn’t like the regular navy. So I tried out for special forces, and made it. Still not happy. Got shot 4 times, and I had to slow down with that life style. Never used any of my degrees, and I style averaged over 250k a year. Retired from navy, own a lot of income property.
          I’m tried

          • All my saying when does life b.s end? It seems that life’s crap never ends.

          • It seems you were searching for happiness in the wrong places. Happiness comes from within. The very fact that you got out of bed and opened your eyes is bliss itself. Have a coffee in the morning go outside watch the birds. They so happy to be out. They are chirping even though they dont know where their meals gonna come from.No matter where they go they carry on. I am grateful that I had the opportunities I have even though I am flat broke. Money comes and goes.But happiness is what keeps you moving. To be truly happy is to love yourself first and to be your own best friend.

          • To Jeremiah, if you have that much of income you can travel and have fun. You are still lucky compared to me drowning in debt and depression. I hate waking up in the morning I dont want to live any longer Im so tired of this life. I have diabetes, obese, work everyday and still cant make ends meet. Im only 36 but depression got its toll on me i look 10 years older or more. You are still lucky so dont give up as for me I will hang in there until one day I might just shoot myself too

    • Kate, right now you have very limited thinking. You seem to think if you have a job you enjoy that it requires you to be broke. Almost two years ago, I sold everything I had and decided my passion was to travel. I created travel blogs and became a digital nomad, so that I can work anywhere. While I don’t live the lavish lifestyle I had before (Yes, I consider owning an iPhone lavish), I am happier than I’ve ever been before. Also, I do see that people in countries who have far less are much happier. You can read more about my thoughts on consumerism here: This is what I do. Help people break past their fear to create a life they enjoy. I have never once worried about where I will sleep at night. I am here to give you a free 15 minute Skype session if you want further help. There is no reason why you can’t live a life you fully enjoy!

      • Yes but what about our children? I want to quit my job and live wild and or start over but if I do this it may affect my children ? My wife may think differently and I would have to leave what I am behind and my kids may look at me one day as a failure if They never have their eyes opened to even understand. I am a prime example of 9-5 job and told to do when and where by everyone!!! I feel there is no way out unless you just quit and say sorry everyone my life is changing!!!! It’s just hard to think about! I want Everyone happy and some of those think happy consist of a decent house and vehicles and clothes. What would I tell my children ? Happiness is now freedom ? They would not understand if I uproot them and leave and change a lifestyle we have lived so long. I’m so tired tho I am so tired !!! This world !!

        • There are many parents who take their kids traveling around their world or who have different lifestyles. What a gift you would be giving them! They may not like it at first, but they would adapt. Kids do!

          • Yes kids adapt. But their lives can also ruined by selfish parents who only think of themselves. If all this was that easy we wouldn’t have a lot of people doing jobs they hate but are needed for the world to go on.
            And while I would love to do as you suggest I have a child with special needs and I refuse to be as selfish as you suggest because no she wouldn’t adapt.

        • I feel the same Cody, I thought no one thinks like I do. I’ very tired of this money world. You can’t even blink your eyes unless you pay someone.\To tell you the truth I would like to fall asleep at night and wake up in Heaven

        • I agree with you. I wish there is an island where there is no government and no bad peoples.

          • I think there is…it’s just a different dimension!!

          • There was , but it was ruined. By America. And the rest of the European super powers in their day . You call it paradise, we called it paradise. The “white leaders of the world”. Had turned my once peaceful money free home into a profit for corporations and elites. It’s called Hawai’i. And thanks to America it’ll never be the same as how we lived before .

          • Agreed…I spent 4 years living in Hawaii…can no longer do it, as I feel like the spiritual beings there are very upset…it’s so sad.

        • You are not alone Cody. I’ve recognized long ago that I sacrificed myself when I had children. I sacrificed everything I wanted to be able to consistently provide for them. And if I’m honest with myself, I’m not suffering- but I’m not thriving or becoming the person I wanted to be and it’s only when I think about my regrets that I get very angry and sad. But I can have things all ways.

          Lately, I do wonder if I’m only dooming my own kids to my own unhappy fate by continuing the cycle. My dream is that I make enough money that they will be able to pursue their own dreams instead of working, but I don’t think that’s going to happen now. So they may be doomed to repeat my mistakes and not follow their hearts. I followed my heart until I had kids, and I was always happy and made enough money to live a decent life. Sometimes I’m so unhappy with how things are that if I could extinguish my own conscious mind but leave behind a person to work and take care of my kids I think I would. Experiencing the disappointments of a life you did not want can be very difficult. But you go on for your kids because you couldn’t bare to hurt them. And some call this depression, but if you accept that then your options are to go get medicated so you can tolerate the slavery or go have someone literally brainwash you with therapy so you don’t think the same way about things. Maybe that is similar to extinguishing your consciousness though.

          My final thought is that maybe the dreams we have of doing certain things are unrealistic obsessions that drive us mad. I don’t want to live a simple life- I want to go take chances…take risks…but the things I like to do can make a lot of money if done well or successfully. However, it takes time and it takes sacrificing pay (at first) to do those things. So your family suffers while you selfishly go do the things to make you happy. If you can live a life without want for material possessions then I think you could attain happiness.

      • Valen, I love your thought, I will be glad if you can help out here, right now no job and my life are getting worst

      • Valen

        But when u know that you are constantly dependent on someone n for everything (even the basic needs) the provider is cribbing of spending even on ur basic needs u feel fed up of life n feel like just giving up.
        U feel y u should be alive?? Y can’t we just survive on just air n water??
        It’s so painful.

        • It is painful that we have to pay to be on a planet that we didn’t ask to come to. I couldn’t agree more!! I think we are going to come to a time where we go back to our nomadic roots of hunting and gathering. It’s the consumerism and believing we much have the latest plastic gadget that keep us trapped!

          • Valen, would to find the dimension you talk about. Today when I dress up it is for a funeral, seldom a wedding and I am 55 years old. Sick of seeing family and friends dying. I have read your posts and you make me feel good. God bless!

          • God bless you, too, Tim!

      • Hello Valen I needed you in my life like yesterday. I’m so fed up right now! I’m almost 40 years old a divorced single parent of a 15 year old son. I have two dead end jobs that are physically and mentally wear and tear on my health. I want to be happy making good money, raising my son, and helping others. I’m over the ‘go back to school phrase” I have a high school diploma, 2 license and a Associates degree in nursing. But I’m still not where I should be. I graduated from nursing school a while back, and I can’t seem to get my mind together mentally to prepare for my exam. At this point I’m questioning rather that’s my purpose do to the hell and set backs I have endured. It just does not seem right, because I’ve been chasing this nursing career for a while and it has been to many closed doors. If this is not my calling I need to find out what is. I can’t keep living like this, its too much. I work solely to pay bills only to be depressed, and angry the majority of the time. I have even questioned why I am I here?? I’m not at all excited about life! I feel like a failure. Crazy part I’m always the one being taken advantage of. I’m totally over it!! If I could travel this world as you said helping others. I know that would bring a lot of happiness to me, because I always think of others before my self. Any advice??

        • Yes, whenever we are helping others it brings us outside of ourselves.Find a way to do it, but for now, start volunteering in your own town!

        • Hi Yolanda,
          My name is Cindy and I too have been a single mom since my divorce 12 yrs ago. My ex has never paid child support and probably visited my son six times since the divorce. I too have been taken advantage of, a lot, by female friends, men I dated, co-workers etc. In my original email I was going to go into detail about what has happened to me, but I realized its been so much that it was way too long. Its better I share the end result which is NEVER GIVE UP!! Remember only those that have been tested, can have a testimony to tell someone else. Yolanda, study for that exam, have your son quiz you, do what you have to do, but TAKE THAT EXAM. Don’t worry about feeling like you are not where you should be, GOD has a way of speeding up the process so you catch up years you thought you lost in a matter of months. Don’t question yourself because of the setbacks. That is your mind playing tricks on you making you doubt yourself. Many times, those things that were the most valuable to me, were the hardest to get. Stop being angry and depressed about what you don’t have, be happy for the blessings you do have and many more will follow. Learn to be happy now and while you have less, so when you get more, you will value it more. YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE, you are still growing, evolving and changing. Be strong for your son, allow him to be strong for you. When he turns 16, let him get a part time job to offset his wants and help you a little. Family sticks together, he will appreciate you for this later, my son did. How I stopped being taken advantage of, I realized I choose who I help, who I give to and to stay away from red flags. I’m still a good person, even when I say no. I can’t save everyone and GOD does not expect you to help everyone. Lastly, LOVE YOURSELF. You said you “always” put others before yourself. Try doing that 50% of the time. The rest, take time for yourself. That is why you feel overwhelmed, emotionally and mentally exhausted. When you constantly take on other people’s problems, listen to their daily pity party, there is a transference of negative energy onto you. That is why the other person feels better after and you feel exhausted. You are going in the right direction by asking for advice. Sometimes, we have no spouse, friend or relative to ask for advice. I hope this was helpful. If you want to talk email me at [email protected].

      • Thank you so much for sharing. I am a 58 yr old female who wants to sell my home and move in a nature filled environment but my adult children are so needy and dependent any advice?

        • Hello Grace,

          First, let me say, GOD is Good. I don’t sign on to this email daily and have not been here in months, so I just happened to be here today to see your email. My advice to you is to do what you want to do, you have earned that right. You are 58, I’m only 48 and quit my job three weeks ago, I have two businesses, a non profit and for profit. I just downsized to a one bedroom apartment, previously I was in a house with an upside down mortgage. My 20 year old son is in college and has his own apartment. He received several scholarships and works on campus. He became fully self sufficient this year because I told him he had to do so. If your children are needy and dependent it is because you are a co-dependent enabler. Now, I know you love your children as much as I love my son, but teaching them self sufficiency is the best way to show your love. What happens to them when or if you are not here? They will survive. PLEASE MOVE TO YOUR NATURE FILLED ENVIRONMENT!!! They will still love you. My son and I are best friends and yes, he still loves me. I hope this was helpful.

    • Wow….life is tough. I have been chronically ill for 25 years as my immune system eats me from inside out. Yeah some other people have it worse but cut me a break. Its hard to get out of bed from the pain everyday. Cannot sleep due to the unknown caused rash. And experts don’t know the answer so I am afraid to eat and so dam tired. People drink and do non-script drugs when not needed. I envy you I hate taking my meds.I wish I did not take a single crappy pill. And career…what a joke 7 years of college for 3 degrees and no job and tons of debt. Got my decent job taken away because some drunk mental patient knew who to lie and complain to. All I ever wants was a job that paid 40k+ and health insurance for this curse and to raise my daughter. But life and society feels otherwise.

      • Arman?

        Well said! I was forced into disability eight years ago at 36. I was managing a fortune 200 company and owned and operated 7 businesses. I have severe sleep apnea; for every six hours in bed I did not breath for three. I was register clinically dead 7-10 times a night (numerable tests all showed same results). In addition, my feet were designed wrong. Of the 7 things that could be wrong I had five. To add insult to my physical needs, I had a wife that would say “there is no way in hell I am taking a step back in life so you can go have a surgery”. What does a step back mean? Well for every $125k I made, she spent $175k. There was no getting ahead. No savings. Not even a retirement account. She was 19 when I married her and we were married 14 years. How does this all tie in? The authors overall points were philosophies I used to catapult my income 10-12k a year ever year since I was 18. She did not believe in any of the voodoo and did absolute best to disrupt anything and everything I did. i fought tooth and nail to keep it all together. After 14 years I broke. My doc forced my into disability and the next 8 years included 15 major surgeries. Of course a divorce, BK and many other things were an obvious result.

        I am sharing this because… For years the doctors had no idea why or how I was alive. One doctor reviewing my chart started laughing and said “Leo I have no idea how you can cogitate”. There are some universal laws out there. Does matter who you are, what you believe religiously, ethically nor the current physical status you fight. There are some universal laws, if utilized can alleviate some of the pain, issues or even possibly the whole situation. For example; quantum entanglement can help you change the actual dna process and placement in your body. Genetic malfunctions can be fixed. I might not be fixed but according to mri, ct, years of exams Etc, I shouldn’t even be able to write this out. Good luck to you.

      • Arman, your post hit home with me. I really feel like shit right now. I’m 38 with a spouse & 3 children. We are on the verge of losing our home. I’m going on 3 months of late payments. I’m embarrassed & ashamed. I have been out of work for over 6 months. I’m definitely depressed & embarrassed to go out in public. I’m now close to 300 lbs & have no ambition to exercise or diet. I just want to sleep & never wake up. I’ve been contemplating suicide. If we lose our home I’m sure I just might do it, rather then face the embarrassment. Nobody wants a Fat, Lazy 40 year old around from what I’ve noticed anyways. But reading what you posted, reminds me that there are those worse off. At least I feel physically healthy. My family is beautiful. I really need a job that can save this home. Hopefully I get started soon. I wish you the best Arman, & I hope you start feel physically better very soon.

        • Hey Larry, I feel for you man. I’ve been having thoughts of suicide too because my life just has no direction.

          • I don’t even believe in suicide and yet I find myself contemplating the IDEA of it for the first time EVER in my life. Never did it in my teens or 20’s. I don’t think my life is awful, I just feel -> what’s the point? There is no reason to live and the more I learn (on my third degree) there is no way God is real. I have been fighting this thought for awhile but everything I see around me and study shows me I just might be right and he is an excuse to get us through the day. I don’t want excuses. I am not going to kill myself, but I am at the stage where I wish I would just go to sleep and never wake up. I have Epilepsy and I had a Grand Mal November 9th, 2016. This wasn’t my first but it WAS the first time I was sad that I woke up. I would rather wake up healthy than a vegetable but if a vegetable, I’d rather die. It’s just that if seems as if there truly is no point to life; and if their is no point to even after all this or what any of us do, then why are we basically floundering for hobbies that keep us satisfied until death of which we won’t matter because we cease exist even spiritually? What. Is. The. Point?! I need to talk to somebody.Fortunately, I don’t believe in giving up either but I am REALLY struggling and you all barely got a snapshot of my life.

            I barely check my yahoo email account but other one actually has my name in it. I am ashamed of my current state of mind and want to be kept in the dark for now although I know it isn’t healthy.

          • Yes, please talk to someone. I really feel for you. Also, go to YouTube and start listening to the Abraham Hicks videos. They will show you what this life is about!!

        • Hello Larry,
          My name is Cindy and I lost my home in 2013 and I am about to get another one. The home I lost in 2013, I owed twice as much as its value. The one I am getting, I will have twice as much equity. You never know who will come to your rescue. I’m not saying don’t fight for your home, I’m just saying there is life after. You should try, NACA, which is a nonprofit organization that will help you negotiate with your bank to reduce your mortgage payments for a period of time. Also, maybe try getting work through a temporary agency. The banks don’t like to reduce your mortgage if you still have no means to pay the lower amount. Stop being embarrassed, if those friends or family really care, you should tell them, they may help you. Don’t be so prideful. If they don’t or can’t help, don’t be angry. You are doing the right thing by asking advice on here. Once again, you never know where your help will come from. Lastly if not for yourself, stay strong for your kids. My dad worked two jobs for 25 years taking care of my family. He was definitely my hero. Kids look up to their fathers for guidance, support and protection. Kids also follow their parents lead, if you are worried, they worry, if you show fear, they are afraid, etc. Talk to your spouse, this is that “For Worse” time in the marriage. Two heads are better that one, lean on each other. If you can’t or won’t do that, find a support group or even therapist to help you to cope with the stress you are feeling. I hope some of this was helpful

        • Larry, I have suffered my whole life, molested at 4. Bad abuse till 17 and 18, very bad abuse from boyfriend, then another man, my husband. Every step forward step back 2. I am now older and wondered why I was I here to suffer, mentally and physically? That’s it? epilepsy discovered probably from getting hit in my head too many times. Suicide was there. Here I am only with abuse, etc. I know you hear about Jesus being the fix but it’s true, I still cry but I have hope now. Don’t ever do it, it’s selfish and changes the life of so many people, you ruins the course of things. My prayers are with you. Give him a chance, he sometimes lets you hit bottom so you seek him. We are of free will, it’s not his doing. But, trust in him and he will assist what you need. I truly understand. I am sorry.

    • Kate? I have to say I appreciate your points and question. The author is trying to communicate a conundrum society has certainly lost over the years.

      To say money can not buy happiness is absurd. Happiness is an external input that brings an emotional sense. Happiness can not buy joy nor peace. That homeless man could have peace, even joy but not happiness. However, when a mans (or women’s) passions align with their heart true magic begins. When we streamline our heart and our mind, our desires then initiate something called “The Law of Attraction”. Those who fail to activate this law do so because they are no single mind and single hearted. Few even know how to be ‘focused’ today!

      In short, real magic begins and each of your concerns really are satisfied by the natural laws of order when we become focused of one mind and heart towards to our goals and passions. Money then becomes a result of the services provided. Income is merely an monetary exchange for services provided. The greater the mass and the greater the service, the greater the income. Now, can you think of any soul that does not have the potential to be great? Have you had a significant other you felt he should not step out and make his hobby his income? Were you doubting him? His passion? The world? Or the market? This is merely a question and one for yourself. Because the point runs farther that the question itself. We should ‘consult’ our loved ones. But we can never measure our needs and our fears for their ‘powers’ ability to product. Wisdom should take affect. One doesn’t open a lemonade stand in the neighborhood to make the house payment. But a kiosk in a mall with energy supplements would do the trick. Anyhow. I appreciated your points and thought to add a but.

    • Kate, you sound so good and nice thought from mind, I think woman like you, supposed to be treated like diamond in family, I want the truth

    • The world was always a wild place where you have to either kill or get killed. In ancient times, it was nature, predators and dangers of sickness that would absolutelly kill us. Now, it is the urban violence, segregation and hate that happen to us once we give up the system and live in our own way. By the way, abandoning you job and “following your dreams” is most likely to lead you to live on the streets. There’s nothing new under the sun. I guess the only difference between now and ancient times is that, nowadays, we went to school, to church, and we learned from all these institutions, as well as from our parents, about a world that never existed: a world of fair competition, peace and future. Now, we’re living the surprise of finding out that the world is actually a horrible place, wild, dangerous, unfair, and that life is not worth living.

      One way to get out of that pessimism is to embrace the evil within yourself, to stop being horrified or surprised about the evil outside, in the world. The world is a jungle made of stone. Forget about empathy, good values, fairness and gentleness. This is behaviour for an idealized utopy. Become a warrior, kill, steal, play tricks, cheat, murder, and step on the heads of hundreds, or thousands if you need. It’s all about survival. In this world, the only way to live is by being rich, otherwise you’ll worth nothing and will die without doctors and no decent food. And the only way to be rich is by having more money than anyone else in your city. Being rich while everyone around you is poor, this is the product of this world.

      Being good is totally overrated. No matter how good you think you are, the corrupt politicians, misleading religious leaders and owners of big companies will always florish, because they own this place, they own the labour market, and they own you. Embrace the evil within, forget about everything you learned in you home, in church and at school, and become the wild beast descendent of mammouth hunters from the Pleistocene, that you were meant to be. Leave goodness for mythological characters and movie heroes.

      • hi Mats, I think this seems the reality on the ground. But we shall not be evil whatsoever.

      • Awesome post! I copied and pasted it to word so I can read it again. I’m constantly getting walked on and taken advantage of in my personal life and at work. Taken for granted as well.
        I’m not one to stir a pot and figure I would be the one to get written up if I decided to do as the others do at work in their slacking ways. I think you’re on to something. My guess is fear would stop me.

    • Do you see that your government you vote for (even though your vote does not count because the elite put in place whom they choose)You are forced to play their game if you want to be allowed to live? I am on my way to a homesteading life. the work you put out then truly does provide your every need.

  2. Kate – if you look at money like security then you will forever be beholden to someone else.

    Money is good – money brings us freedom but the problem is, the massive elite are shifting the goal posts.

    One perfect example is the retirement age in countries is constantly being pushed back and back. Governments no longer want old people who are not working in the system.

    They have an ever turning clog wheel. Give people jobs and get them to spend money. The result is that we are all hamsters going round and round on that circle.

    Research how many people have regrets when dying and what those regrets are. The results are quite eye opening.

  3. There’s nothing wrong with making a plan either. I want to do “X” so I’m going to save this much or work this plan to get out of debt so I can then go do it. I hear some people (not all) say they are going to drop it all and just go live their dreams…but end up ignoring the debts they are strapped with or leave with no way of providing for themselves or their family on the path to their dream. Absolutely – live your dreams! But if you need to (aka not a single male with no debt) then happily make a plan and work towards that dream.

  4. Purpose is a funny word. It sort of implies that there is a fate to life, perhaps someone has a plan. This in turn implies the existence of a thing that writes and shapes the world we live in. An unknown, that we must try hard to discover, understand, and ultimately follow, this will hopefully lead to the quenching of the purposeful thirst, the drive! This however leads to the slippery slope of religion, in and of itself the ultimate tool,of social control, manipulation and order. Hmm, kind of a circular argument, belief in a deity of control in order to free ourselves from the control of society.
    Perhaps, our purpose is that we have no purpos, we must choose to exist in balance with what there is. Problem is we have lost what there is!!!!

  5. I use to trick myself thinking if by some miracle a very wealthy person will just take care of all my debt. Then I can find a job that would fullfil my purpose on this planet so I can enjoy life and not wrestle with deep dark depression and a very god paying jib I can’t stand. However the painful truth is I would probably still self medicate, be depressed, and make excuses.

    I just wish I can find a path other than the one I’ve been on for years that’s obviously not working.

    I welcome death, just hate pain and don’t have guts for suicide. This is as close to hell without the fire and heat. Well I take that back. There are millions of people that would trade with me in a second !!

    Live for another day!!


  6. Its all very well ‘Valen’ if you were already wealthy and cashed up or you have a nice support network to fall back on. Tell me, if you had zilch in the bank and no food, would you still be happy? The cashed up are always good at giving ‘advice’…..

    • What’s funny, Mickey, is I now barely have any money and can no longer afford to live in the US. I am happier than I’ve ever been. The government does all they can to brainwash people that they need money to survive. I grow my own food and live for next to nothing. There is always a way!

      • Regret that I thought I ( would) have a much happier life after wasting my time working 35 years in Bakersfield,Ca. for a hospital here. Government manipulative don’t give a dam about you. Get a job that you enjoy. Learn survival tactics with what you have. Age 60 have a lot of regrets. Experience is the best teacher.

      • There may always be a way, but each to their own. I would currently be happier being able to afford a house anywhere I want, rather than having little money and growing food.

        I know this because I did exactly what you did! I sold most belongings, simplified my life, grew food, worked my own hours via my laptop, from anywhere I could get power and internet. For a long time that was overlooking a crystal-clear lagoon. There was a nearby beach with miles of whitest sand. Stars shone brilliantly at night, because we were away from the city lights. My partner was handsome as anyone I’d ever met. I thought that that would be “it”. Paradise until I die. Freedom! The kind of thing people post up on vision boards.

        But guess what? The day came when I felt bored as hell. Craved for roots. Security. Craved for a partner who could talk about subjects deeper than suntan lotion ingredients. When I’d had so many foot massages that I started to hate my feet being touched!

        I now work happily in a very busy, demanding job in the city … lavishing in what I now see as exciting perks. The kind of job people think will put them in hospital currently feels like mental massage to me. Though NOW I know this phase probably won’t last and I’m aware enough to make changes when the time comes. The beauty is choice.

        The moral? Balance. So that no part of your life becomes extreme. Life’s dreams and goals change. One person’s paradise is another’s hell. It’s not the government. It’s just perspective, and too much of one thing is stress, literally no matter what it is. Just be flexible and change with how you feel.

        It’s ALL good.

        • “One person’s paradise is another’s hell”. I think you are quite right about this. Its a very good observation. As far as “It’s not the government. Its just perspective”??…..Who are you kidding? That’s totally off base. Maybe it’s not JUST the government. Government under influence of the wealthy power monger(thank the existence of the wonderful lobbyists) want us all to be a “productive citizen”, another cog in the wheel to serve their unrelenting wants. Whether one has found paradise living under the radar, working a high paced high tech job or being a garbage collector, that is a wonderful achievement that many can’t seem to accomplish. Lets be clear though, the “system” of gov’t and wealthy could care less and want to have us in a position to endlessly serve them, whether we have found paradise or whether they bleed us dry.

      • Valen?

        How do you move out of the country? Where should one go to be left alone and be able to live on their own means. I am really curious. Can you email me more detail than posting it?
        [email protected]

        • Hi Leo, If you can email me at yourownlifejourney at gmail, that would be great. However, I am traveling at the moment until July 1, so I am answering all emails after that time. Cheers!

      • I love that, what about cost of health coverage and Meds/ I would like a small log cabin in the woods, animals, garden. Hope I live long enough and sell all I own to do it.

        • I have lived without health coverage for over 4 years. The doctors have to treat you. The insurance companies like to scare us into thinking we need to have it. If you need an expensive treatment done, Mexico has excellent health care at a fraction of the price…

  7. Hi Valen, thanks for sharing your thoughts and for this writing this post. I am not sure it answered the question I hoped to find when I read the title though, I’m not entirely convinced. The reason is that I do have a cause that I’m already dedicating my life for and ready to die for and also I make sure I’m living my life as I have gladly escaped the cubicle capitalist robotic work style. Yet I am tired of life. Any thoughts?

    • That’s why I offer a free fifteen-minute Skype session. One article won’t apply to everyone! Feel free to email me if you want to set up a time!

  8. So the system was set up because we were nomadic at one time but population boomed and the earth can’t afford for us to be nomadic to be honest with you the elite have a set up system so life can be as big as it is yes we are the driving force but for a much bigger picture bigger than we could even imagine maybe going to work finding what you love and giving your talent to a society and making money in the process isn’t so evil after all but hey I’m just a random thought on the Internet

    • I agree! I work now. I just work for myself. It also doesn’t mean I won’t work for someone else, but I am just encouraging people to do what they love instead of being stuck in jobs that don’t line up with their strengths!

  9. I Google this because i feel so miserable two jobs and i can’t even save money for a well deserved vacation i feel frustrated tired just paying bills and working so hard dealing with traffic and a asshole boss every day from monday to saturdays and some weeks sundays

    • Yes, it’s not a good life. I’m going to recommend a great book to help you get started. It’s called Level Up Your Life and it shows you how to create a life of your own. I also offer coaching sessions if you want more help.

  10. FamouslyAnonymous

    There are various reasons why someone would get tired of life. It does not need a one on one session to figure that out. Whether this is physical, psychological or emotional tiredness, it all boils down to your disposition in life. I realized that a person full of selfishness easily gets tired that results to all sorts of nega vibes. If you want to live a happy life, share your life with the people around you and be thankful for what you have. Stop blaming the government, society or others for the quality of life you want to live. You don’t know your purpose in life? How about thinking of your purpose to others? Help the one in need. Be a volunteer in your spare time for an organization that shares the same goal of making life easier and happier for others. Please don’t tell me you don’t have time… If you want it, you can do it…or continue making excuses for all your life’s “so-called miseries”

  11. Yes we have become so conditioned to strip ourselfes out of everything so dear to us that where did we go and when did that happen. For me I believe that happened as I was a child the duty full child and became old before my I’m am a grown woman and I have a lot of thoughts to be free and be less of a duty full person as I have all my life and do what I would love to do. Be free…. I have worked and took care of others and dutied my self out. The only thing I haven’t been dutied to is My self. Where did I go. When I was a child did I loose me then or when.

  12. Welcome to capitalism! Slavery has never ended, in fact it gets stronger then ever. The bankers trick and brainwashed everyone one into that they most have a car, a house… And the fat-cat Wall street bankers created this so called “credit card.” You end up with all these credit card debt, car loan, home mortgage, then you work your ass off to pay for them while the bankers sitting in their comfy chair sipping on their whiskey, sucking the last drop of blood out of you. And guess what, if you are unfortunate lost you job, cannot pay your bills, the bankers will take it all from you and you end up with a bad credit rate that makes it difficult for you. My advice is do not buy things that you don’t need! When you are debt free, you will be much happier.

  13. First, I want to say “Thank you Valen” for publishing this article AND for being willing to talk to someone who has extenuating questions FOR FREE! After reading all the comments and concerns the one note I find pervasive is your always positive, upbeat, and non-judgmental responses. I was a part of the so called Rat-Race for over a decade (got my first real job at 18 while in college to be a Comparative Theology Major…coincidentally when I was married for the first time). There is no doubt I NEEDED that job to finish my education, save for my Master’s, and to support my family. Then life changed in an instant. My husband left me and his debt. Luckily I had worked hard so I could pay everything off. What I am trying to say, concisely, is that regardless of money, belongings, goals, and hardships, life has taught me to live day-to-day. There is always a new challenge, but on the other hand there is always the opportunity for a new happiness and fulfillment. Positivity is difficult because often we don’t see an immediate outcome…just the pain we are going through at the moment. Our judgments and feelings are clouded by societal influence. Don’t let anyone other than yourself dictate what makes you happy!

  14. Yes this sounds all nice and pretty..”Start living your dreams” that’s funny.. The truth is many of us have dreams but in the world money makes or breaks your dreams and if we put money and acquisition first, then we are tending our flesh and corruption will follow. It’s a very slippery slope.
    The best I hope for is this:
    For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting
    And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.
    This is my dream.
    Take a closer look at what is happening around us..

  15. The problems created by money can never be solved by money. I’m an engineer and have military background and I can assure you that things like free energy and esoteric concepts like our thoughts materializing into reality exists. Society is indeed conditioned to false dichotomies and many of us are miserable because of it. Ultimately people are not in harmony with nature and our trues selves. I’m a firm believer that money isn’t neccessary and is the root cause to most of the world’s suffrage. I also have an outlandish belief that a truly spiritually developed person can bring their imaginations into reality. If you wanted a pizza, you just thought of it and it would materialize. You wanted a fancy mansion? Just think it and it would teleport in front of you. I understand it sounds crazy and would never be taught in conventional schools but I have my fair share of paranormal experience and knowledge of theoretical metaphysics to have conviction that people are meant to reflect, not slave their lifes away. Animals in the wild only hunt for food to meet satiety and once that is accomplished they sleep most of the day and relax. People are meant to be this way too, although maybe a little bit more complex. We should focus on the arts, the science, and more importantly exercise our free will to do as we please. Power of the mind!

  16. To leave society? Its easier said then done. I realized the trap society lays out for young men (and women) a few years ago. Unfortunately, student debt and taxes grabbed a hold of me. I was working two jobs in order to keep my head above water, but left them both and found a job where I have loads of free time. Unfortunately, though I have the time … I do not have the money. Unsure how some people manage both. Unsure how you could do anything without money. I guess if you realize its a trap ahead of time, you might be alright.

    • There is nothing wrong with money, but there are ways to make it without being tied down to a job you hate! Yes, anything worth doing requires effort, but it’s worth it in the end!

  17. It is all easier said then done for a man with debts, but I am trying.

  18. That’s why we need to implement free energy devices. Money is a bane on society. Everything in nature is free but a few royal bloodlines whom established themselves as the ruling class invented this thing called currency to enslave people.

    You can argue that money is used for fair exchange of labor/services for other products and services, but the fact is that free energy exist out there and people DON’T need to work in the first place. At least not as much.

    The technology would be self-sustaining and ever evolving. People would work for minimal hours doing maintenace on such tech and can allocate more of their time and attention towards other things.

    Don’t you realize if all homes, power plants, buildings, facilities, manufacturing companies etc were powered with nearly infinite power supply that people wouldn’t need to constantly do back breaking labor? Especially labor that often times is not fairly compensated?

    People would still work but we wouldn’t be enslaved to money. Industrialized farming would produce all necessary food without us having to lift a finger.

    No one would ever have to worry about electric bills or utilities, they would be free. You could stay in your home all day powered with heating and electricity and never worry about freezing on the streets.

    We could focus more of our attention on science, mathematics, physics, medical field, services like law enforcement and military security. There would even be a rise in the entertainment industry as people could carry out their passions and play music, write screen plays, paint etc.

    Tesla has spoken about free wireless electricity and also about zero point energy. It is literally all around us, we just need to learn how to harness it.

    I’ve seen many of this exotic energy systems myself, mostly military related. Anti-gravity, dark matter, as science fiction-y as it sounds, exists.

    We are only going to continue being miserable until people wake up to this reality and try to implement it in our grid. We need to implement a wide scale third industrial revolution with more advanced, cleaner sustainable energy to not only fix this crippling economy but improve quality of life in general.

    Its obvious we are making pushes for more green energy such as solar and wind energy, which for some cities can fully power them. The sun is worth over $15 trillion/hr if fully harnessed.

    This isn’t factoring in other elements like hydrogen (which occupies most of the molecules in our universe)
    that can be used for energy right out of thin air, or hydrogen fuel cell that is 98% fuel efficient compared to the combustion engine which is only about 25% fuel efficient (and rest of the emissions goes to toxic green house gases that damage our ozone layer).

    The oil lobbyists are partially to blame for suppressing such knowledge. They make too much money off their dated fossil fuels. Its part of the reason for all the wars and the violence in the first place.

    Free energy would destroy social classes, decrease violence, decrease poverty, and ultimately usher in a much more peaceful and pleasureable society.

    I advise everyone to research heavily into free energy devices and learn more ways we can implement them to improve our infrastructure.

    Right now our economy is a ticking time bomb to mass social unrest. Cost of living has sky rocketed whereas wages stagnated. This is why higher incidences of suicides and reportings of depression are becoming prevalent.

    A little history lesson: Back in Germany around WW1 their francs became so devalue due to hyperinflation that they had to reset and make a new currency again. Right now America would have to do a similar strategy to mitigate many problems but even then it would be a short term strategy.

    All monetary system eventually crash. It has to do with the simple fact that the more we print money, the more it becomes devalued. The more it becomes devalued, the more you increased inflation which then turns into hyperinflation.

    This hyperinflation means that at some point a loaf of bread will cost a $100 which by then there would already be riots.

    Keep an open mind people. The future can be a great place if we all think of solutions and more importanly think outside the box that could potentially innovate the human condition.

    Also sorry for the double post. My other post had typos and spelling errors. I don’t want to sound annoying either, I’m just throwing ideas out there.

    I can also suggest books like “Third Industrial Revolution,” “Angels Don’t Play this HAARP,” and “Nothing in this Book is True” to get a good start.

    I also have many links and pages to forums where there is much discussion on such topics. Formulas, step-by-step instructions, and open source material is already in the works.

    I’ve even talked to law enforcement and military recruiters a while ago about such things and many of them are taking me seriously, especially with the public demonstrations that I’ve been performing.

    One lady I’ve spoken too even gave me a chance to do a 5 minute presentation at the court house but I never got around to it.

    Please take me seriously, I’m really reaching out.

    • Adding on, FEMA camps, dismissed as dumb theory, are documented as architecture plans, illustrating fences and guard towers.

      It is illegal to prepare for civil unrest. By stocking up food, liking conspiracy theories, feeding homeless, you break law.

      Or, become labeled a potential threat. A guideline contextualizes these words to be the mental policy.

      “Hollywood banned this movie” about government killing people like nwo predictions. The narrator of that video not linked below, shows the FEMA diagrams.

    • that wisdom need to be heard …^^^^^

  19. Hi, I’m Derrick.
    well.. I’m just here to say I had a rough childhood coming up, I was raised by both parents but at age 12 my life took a turn for the worse when my dad had a stroke behind the wheel of a car forcing us into traffic at a red light, by the grace of God we were ok. But my dad hasn’t been the same, so my mother had to attend to his needs. It was like I had both parents physically, but they weren’t no longer there mentally.
    It felt as if I had no kind of guidance. I eventually dropped out of school and got involved in Chicago gang activities, I was always a good kid, just ended up with the wrong crowd. I’ve been in and out of mental hospitals, kicked out the house from time to time as a adolescent cause my mother wasn’t strong enough to deal with my teenage problems, taking care of my sick late Dad who passed away in 2001.
    I’ve been on SSI for over 20 years, and been in and out of jobs in between time, then off of sudden, they cut my monthly checks leaving me with a carnote, rent, and all other bills to pay on. That money took care of me most my life, and at age 38? I thought I’d be doing MUCH better since I been tryna turn my life around for the better but things have only gotten worse.
    I had to move out of my place, my car broke down on me with only few more months left to pay on it, had to move back with my moms who also had to move out of a family building of 40+ years, a year prior to my situation, and she also has cataract in her eyes, and sometimes I sit back and often think… have my family and I been cursed?? Its like.. what is going on? And now I’m stuck in a small confined space, just me and her. and my older brother stops by time from time. Yes. I am STILL grateful that I even had a place to go to. And YES. I am very aware that other people out here got it worse, but at the same time it doesn’t make ME feel any better. Nor does it lower my depression mind state.
    I often contemplated suicide a lot. But I can’t even imagine hurting my mom. Or friends like that. So instead I often pray that Mabe God could just take me in my sleep. I feel horrible of the fact that over a last 6 year period, I then went from being a married man, living on his OWN 2 feet, paying bills, to being divorced, back in the house with my mom. Catching a damn bus and trian to a part time paying job.
    This sucks in SO MANY ways at age 38? ..and I’ll be 39 next month. Totally don’t have anything to celebrate THIS year! THAT’S for damn sure! Smh. :’-(

    • I am so sorry to hear this, Derrick. Can you please get in touch with a therapist in your area? They can help you through this. Medicaid can usually help to pay for it.

  20. Hi,Valen. Am 31 and i feel very weary of life. I have a job and it pays me well.Being in a third world country,life is not that easy.Very few people make life out of talent or following their hearts.I long to leave this world.I am not a religious person.I have great friends and family that loves me but I still feel disconnected to everything. I used to feel like I had a purpose but not anymore.

    • Hi Felista?

      Do you have a therapist in your country you can contact? If not, I highly recommend searching for meditation and doing meditations every day. These positive words will show you all that we have to be grateful for and will lift your vibration. Much love to you!

  21. Hi

    It’s funny. I googled “Im tired of life” and this article came up.

    I live in a developing country with a first world salary (thanks to the education I received from my parents), so I know I’m lucky.

    I’m 33 (almost 34) and for 10 years I’ve been working in the corporate world, at first feeling great (almost like diCaprio on Titanic’s bow), but for the last couple of years money wasn’t enough. I’ve already taken a 10 month break travelling but came back to the corp. world. Right now I’m literally I’m tired of life.

    Now I’m considering leaving everything and go teach small children in poor rural communities. There’s a NGO with a 2 year assignment there to which I’m applying.

    But, of course the question arises: After those 2 years… what?

  22. I’m not good in English but I have no place to spread my thoughts out.
    Now I’m 27 yo, I’ve been struggled with my mom and my little brother, since my dad left us. My mom tried to give us a good society by give us studied in the good school, And it came with an expensive cost. Then we have so many debts. I have to work hard and help my mom to handle it. I don’t have any assets like a car or my own place. I don’t care about how to living my own life. I’m just working and gain more money hope one day it will end soon. Till I have a girlfriend, She so very nice to me. And she can accept my situation and what I’ve been though. I never have a chance to know about life, never been taught about how to plan it. Because my mom has to work so damn hard no time to teach me anything. I grew up with my own vision and experience. So me as a little boy can only thinking is how to earn a lot of money to help his mother. I decide to quit that good school to other cheaper school. And does Sacrificed many things in life for my mom and my little brother. I don’t have a good time or good things like other children. And now i still don’t have anything. With my broken family, I dream that one day i will have a good one. I want to be with my girlfriend for life but the problem is her family doesn’t like me at all. Because I’m not rich and many reasons that so insulted me. I cried a lot, I know that they thought that i can’t effort my girlfriend to get her comfortable in living. But everyday i devoted myself for her (my mother and brother also). I never cheating on anyone, Never. I thought that my goodness will be enough but there is not enough at all. In my country, They mostly worship money and reputation. I’ve been judged as a very low bad man and just that, I’m so tired of my life.

    • I am so sorry to hear this. I am so proud of you, though, for knowing that money and reputation aren’t what makes life living. You have made sacrifices for those you love. There is nothing more valuable than that.

  23. im a 24 years old. I have no income live in very un-idealistic conditions yet my hope burns alive in m being that I want to follow my dreams!!! but I dropped out of high school at a young age and never went back. I failed to get the help I needed as I always searched for it and never got it but I have the brilliance to go places if I only had the finances or right network to do so to live out my dreams!!!

    • What is it that you want to do? I want to own a retreat center one day. I don’t have the money now, so I am working a full-time job to make that happen down the road. Sometimes, you have to do something that’s not your dream to make your dream happen. Let’s brainstorm!

  24. @VALEN I’m a graduate and I need your help, Valen, I will be glad if you can put more light to my darkness, this my email. [email protected]

  25. Hi Valen! I’m happy I got you in this site.I’m 28yrs married with two kids but living unhappy life.

  26. What about this, I was raised in a family where my father n my mother wouldn’t get along and never shown us any love,I was born in a family of ten children as a nineth child but being born is what I consider worst in my life since I got nothing to enjoy in this world.My parents were not able to pay my secondary school education so after I finished my class eight I had to face life at a very young age. And that reason has made my life more difficult and miserable each n everyday of my life.I just feel lonely,tired,depressed, life to me is tasteless nothing good,nothing in my heart I feel emptiness in my inner me,I don’t recognize myself anymore. I feel like committing suicide although I fear doing it so.I just pray n wish God can take me while asleep.I just wish I can have someone I can share with who wil understands what I’m going through.

  27. Valen, I’d like to do what you are advicing but it was not real. The truth is we all need money at least for our basic need. To say otherwise, is an illusion. We have family that we have to take care. But if I live alone, maybe I will just quit my job and die alone somewhere.

    • Not saying you have to stop bringing in money. I choose to live in Mexico where my cost to live is one-fourth of the US. I work 1/2 the hours by working online.There’s always a way out of the rat race if you decide you will stop being a rat. You don’t have to believe the brainwashing of corporate America that you must be their slave!

  28. I’d rather just kill myself. not that I will of course. With suicide apparently practice doesn’t make perfect. But I’m so sick and tired of this crap life. I have nothing to live for. Everything thing I have interest in is not physically possible for me due to genetic defects. And to top it off I can’t stand being around people. There is not a single human I actually enjoy being around. At 32 the only thing I have left is to kill myself. But sofar that has just been another failure in a with nothing but failure. I hate myself and I hate all of you. I don’t want to be here anymore.

    • Hi David; I was like that but of course didn’t have the genetic deffects you do. I guess you feel tired, it has to be very, very hard. Just thinking of it makes me feel lucky. I am so sorry for you to feel that way.

      As per I understand there is not much to do, the best (for now) is to talk to someone. Whatever you are thinking of doing, always talk with someone; it will make you feel less lonely until you make up your mind.

      Please search in Youtube “Andrew Solomon depression the secret we share”. It is not those pep talks we usually hate. It is a really interesting one, which made me feel understood as he went through the same.

    • Yes, please talk to someone. A healer/therapist can help you through this. We all have a purpose here and we won’t be happy until we find it.

    • That’s understandable. Life must come with rewards otherwise the condition is looked at with disdain. Hate takes effort. So, you still have some fight left. You may be sick unto death of advice, but…. find educated people to talk to. Even depression becomes boring. Losing one’s self in intellectualism can dull the pain. After all, the body has more limits than the mind.

  29. I’m glad that I caught life’s great lie when I was in my early 20s.

    Since then I’ve been planning my great escape. I’ve found a job I could tolerate and even like depending on the day. I work as a construction materials quality control technician. I live in Québec so it’s a seasonal job. I work my ass off for 7 months a year and I have winter to do what I like. I make about 45-50k a year and I’ve been lucky enough to have parents that support my life choice. They let me live in the basement for no money at 27.

    Now I’m well on my way to my dream. I bought the truck of my dreams brand new. And now I’m working on finishing the cashdown for my own piece of land in northern ontario in a non organised comunity. Meaning I can do and build whatever I want on my land without asking anyone. I’ll pay about a 100$ a year in taxes for it. In 8 years when everything is paid I will leave everything behind to concentrate on my off the grid life.

    Hopefully I will meet a woman who shares my views someday. Most will quickly get out of my life when I say no children and no running water in my future. but hey, I’ve been happy without a woman for 2 years.

    When I’m all setup later I intend to build a couple of cabins on my land and liberate a few people from their misery. Maybe I can get someone who’s contemplating suicide a new hope. I really want to help some people like i wish someone would have helped me. Being told by someone : I have room for you if you want to escape for a while. No charges, just help me out with things you can do and you have a home.

    • Wow, Carl! I am amazed by you. What you are doing is such a smart plan that more people should be heading towards. And, I admire you for wanting to help others who are hopeless. There are plenty of women out there who are thinking outside the box nowadays…I don’t think you will have a problem finding one. Much respect and gratitude to you. People like you are changing the world’s vibration!

  30. Why don’t you just tell people that they have to:
    work to pay bills and set aside enough money to die comfortably. Then your progeny can fight over what’s left.
    Hope you enjoyed it !!

  31. There are so many things to say….
    -Too much of any one species in one place isn’t good. (Cities are conducive to poor health.)
    -Humanity is progressing. Seeing it through the lens of a single lifetime makes it not seem that way, though.
    -The elite will not need legions of humans much longer. We will all begin to become evermore expendable in another 2 lifetimes. (AI, robotics, various types of engineering.)
    -Much of humanity will die off within another 10 lifetimes. (Whether this will occur voluntarily is speculative.)
    -Humans were not meant to last forever.
    -Individuality is an awareness which cannot manifest without immense strength. (Good health, smart mind, or sufficient wealth…luck plays its part too, I suppose)
    -We are not slaves. We are more akin to tenants or, at worst, livestock. At all times, from birth to death, we are actively spending money, earning money or acting as financial securities. (Yes, even if we live off-grid.)
    -We likely need a different or better education to facilitate positive changes in our lives.
    -We are likely unhappy because we spend more time avoiding pain instead of pursuing pleasure.

    I wish you all well…

  32. I would love to give everything up – unfortunately I can’t risk putting my 90 year old father on the streets as I pay his mortgage!! He doesn’t want to move and I think it would probably kill him if I forced him to. No freedom for me yet!!

  33. we are modern slavery can’t you see? we cannot do anything to change this we are going to die for the elite

  34. Three human necessities that God has provided us for Free.. Land , Water , Food, and perhaps enough cotton, animal skin and leaves to keep one self warm . Humanity was doomed the day governments and corporate greed try to put a control on all the basic human necessities by putting a price tag on them and setting a divide between rich and poor. If you are poor or a struggling middle class.. know that we are slaves to our own necessities that has been provided for us free.. Unfortunately that’s just the rule of law now days. I have seen personally seen Some of the free societies where these 3 basic necessities are free or yet at least affordable are the happiest….

    In coming years global privatization and global corruption will almost eradicate the very few societies that are free.. Explore, Move there while it last.

  35. So sad reading through some of the comments, leading a life of emotional and physical pain, not a religious fanatic, but do believe in God, and believe I am still around today because of Him. I believe prayer helps, but knowing the reality that we’re only here on this earth for a short time, some shorter than others, and look back after all the years with regret, questioning, what’s it all about? We are giving this opportunity to learn, understand, grow, and have faith that some day we will shine for all eternity, without pain or sorrow, realising only then, that our mere existence happened within the blink of an eye. So let the rich have their power and money, and fake happiness with worthless materialistic possessions, but where will they finally end up when their time comes? We all share a common ground, rich or poor, that we came into this earth with nothing, and shall leave with nothing. Our natural human instincts are our only barriers to happiness. We don’t need more stuff. We need to love one another, just as we want to be loved. Let’s not dwell on the bad, and just be happy and grateful that God gave us this opportunity to live one life, a gift. We cannot turn a blind eye to all the things happening in the world today. We can all help each other, and take comfort that someday we will lead a true life of everlasting joy and happiness, for all eternity. For all my pain and troubles, and we all share them, my only answer and salvation, is Jesus. God Bless everyone!

  36. Carl and everyone else , that’s a great idea I’m planning the same thing unfortunately I don’t have a good job I make 16k a year in Scotland and spend that to live so I’m planning to just leave everything behind buy a tent fishing rod and a few other things for trapping then head north to the highlands hopefully I’ll find my feet and a comfortable place to call home I know if I don’t buy land I could be easily moved around but I’m not bothered by that part, I hope to find someone like me and we could travel together,

    The worlds corrupted by money if you have plenty of money your sorted but if your broke like me you have nothing to lose don’t wait until your 90 and say what if, I was thinking one day if we all left the rat race and started subsistence living there would be no more slaves to build the pyramids

    There’s two types of people in the world there’s sheep and there’s wolfs what are you

  37. everyone who agrees look into (THEVENUSPROJECT)
    search up jacque fresco listen to his lectures and what “the venus project” proposes its worth your time i promise

  38. thank you

  39. It seems we are many who feel the same way in this world and it hurts a little less now that I know I am not alone with this deep pain in my heart. Thank you all for letting your hurt be know. You all have made me feel a close connection with you. Thank you for saving me today.

  40. And That Is The Truth

    Well not having no one to share your life with can be very depressing especially for many of us good men really looking for a good woman to settle down with.

  41. I have nothing insightful to add to this conversation that would add value as it’s probably been said already.

    I just wanted to say that I typed in “I’m tired of life” and this post came up first.

    A common theme I read is to “follow your dreams” and “do what you love” – well what if at 41 you still have no clue what that is?? Where does one even begin when they literally have no clue what their passion is or their hobbies or interests have been done to death by millions of others already? I have started and stopped 3 uni degrees now as I don’t feel engaged enough and always seem to be studying something I don’t really enjoy? College is a big institution that puts people in the cycle and spits them out into all the problems we currently face in society. Education doesn’t lead to happiness. It leads to debt and then just working to make ends meet most of the time so WHAT IS THE POINT.

    I wish this life thing was all as simple as some peope make it out to be. It’s complicated and pointless 95% of the time. I wish I’d never been born.

    • You know…I really need to update this article. What I’m learning is that it’s more about follow your gifts rather than your dreams. We need to figure out what we have to give to others and do that. I’m learning that until we learn to serve others with what we have and give that back to the world ,we can’t be really happy….and you are right, it’s not simple!!

      • “”we can’t be really happy….and you are right, it’s not simple!!,””. That sums it up, ones pain is there own and others seldom see or feel your pain, ,, Sometimes silence of the writen word is better than the spoken word , silence to think ? which is what got you here in the first place,,,,,. circles circles all the time the tread mill, death is the only escape, “there is peace”, bellive or not , were all going to get there sometime,, personaly im ready and look forward to it, but i am a little different,

  42. totally understand, no infact its more like you understand me!
    I actually came here by typing what I was thinking in my head, that life is pointless and has no reason the way the elite has made it, you cant exist unless you exist their way how they demand you exist, work every day doing boring shit you hate just to scrape by and survive to the next day which you do the same, making scraping by to that day completely fucking pointless if the time you sacrificed only allows you to survive to do the same boring shit, no freedom, you may aswell just die young rather than live a crappy life of servitude doing shit you don’t wanna do. life isn’t worth living if its all about work, you cant live life if all you do is work, why prolong your life? it is better to just commit suicide than life a life of work being someone else bitch wasting your entire time on this planet. there is no place in this world for people who still hold freedom in their hearts, this world is gone to the braindead worker drones and it will never change, because for the majority its already too late, they are far too conditioned and brain dead that they don’t think of how shit it is, and as soon as someone else brings it up they just attack them and defend the crappy pointless working way of life everyone’s forced into.

    theres literally no alternative, no way out, but death. that’s all there is to it in the end. im thinking maybe tryna find a alternative such as seeing how long to survive off traveling and backpacking and embracing as much freedom that way as possible, but alas that road only leads to death in a world controlled by slavery and idiotic greed system such as work. fuck work, fuck any brain dead worker drone reading this.

    • into the quiet into the dark , time and peace from life and its foul odour is death,,, peace to switch our minds of, we wont care. If people understand, they will wish me well and understand my actions, the world wont miss me, my work maybe, but my hearts dead but i still live.

  43. I have lived life exactly the way you suggest. O have sacrificed so much for my beliefs, But this has nothing to do with being tired of life. Instead.
    , I see how close we are to blowing up the planet and I think I’m ready to leave it before that happens. You are a little too harsh on these ordinary human beings.

    • Some of us were sent to change these things. Sometimes the very people sent to do that need to be awakened! It starts with leaving the system! (for some of us….)

      • Society is saying “this new generation feels entitled and lazy. We don’t want to work” it’s not about that at all. We’re tired of being sheep to be exploited. The only way to be comfortable is to do the same things that the system we hate is doing. Anyone who owns a pizza place or anything has to lie and “jew” their employees. Anyone who “makes it” in our society. We either are abused sheep or wolves abusing sheep. I cannot find a middle ground.

        • You are exactly right. And states like Florida even make it illegal to live off grid. I think the first step may be creating a world with no currency. Going back to bartering. Starting with the people we know. What do you think?

  44. A whole lot of INFJ in this topic/comment section.
    (Coincidentally the intro quote MLK is an INFJ) and the tone continued from there..

    • Well, I’m an INFJ 😉

      • As am I.
        You seem quite well in tune though and honestly, its so freakish how close the thoughts you express mirror my own.
        So a “woke” in tune INFJ with more experience in working towards finding your bliss out of a world so opposite to you. You may just be an excellent mentor for me…im 27 and am struggling to find my spot in this world.
        I see that you do coaching…I’ll have to consider this. I have some physical health issues to take care of first though.

        • Yes, I do coaching, so just let me know when you are ready. I offer a free 15-minute session to see if we are a fit. Cheers, Valen

  45. A decent article. But IMHO full of physiological and commercial objectives. Kate Feb. 21, 2015 is living in a closer reality.
    We work because we have responsibilities. Mortgage, electric, water, cable, phone, vehicle loans, clothing, food. Yes,…it would be wonderful to live our dreams, but some of us were not born into money, inheritance, family business, or had the opportunities for a start up business. Some of us did not have the opportunity to go to college. etc. So we work hard to support ourselves and our families.
    And being tired of life does not always mean you are scared. (Something no one has ever accused me of) I have told off more than my share of bosses. (Luckily I have a very highly demanded skill set.) Sometimes, we are just tired of the struggle. Of seeing enough bad things in life. Of seeing the pain all around us and knowing there is little to nothing you can do to change this. Sometimes it just a matter of looking at mankind’s struggle, and figuring whats the point.
    I have a wife whom is everything to me. If it was not for her need to have someone take care of her,….I know I would be very happy to stop this ridicules struggle.

  46. Well my bags are packed and I’m ready to leave this world. I’m really sick of this place. I would like to live a very different existence. I long for a world of peace and harmony. A world without pain and suffering. No therapists, no life coach can give us this. I’m 50 years old. I wanted to leave at age six. I was always at odds with this world.
    There is nothing I like about this place. I have no materialistic goals and slaving away trying to keep up with paying rent, bills and groceries etc. Is painful. Many hard working people now living in tent cities because the rent is too high. Sigh…

  47. Hey

    Inspiring article! Only thing is, I’m 10k in debt and can’t afford to quit my mentally, emotionally and physically degrading job. Where can I go from here? I also have no assets to sell.

    • Sometimes, you can’t quit your job right away, but you can downsize and look at lowering your living expenses to pay off your debt. Also, what would you do for a job if you could do anything you wanted and money didn’t matter. Look at doing that on the side. I love giving Tibetan bowl meditations. It doesn’t bring in a lot of money. But, I do it on the side because it makes me happy.

  48. I’ve followed my own drummer my whole life. I’ve never had a really great job money wise. I’ve tried to live my felt purpose. It’s been hard. As I grow old I am disappointed with my lack of assets and a wife and children. Some of what the author says is true. But following his advice you can still end up feeling worn down and tired of life.

  49. So I am dead already? Wow, surprisingly not that far away from what I calculated myself

  50. I may only be 24, but I already understand how the corrupt system enslaves us. I hate to admit it but, I haven’t felt alive for about 5 years now.. I understand that I’m not the only one so I don’t usually tend to go on boasting about the worlds problems and my own because, at this point, I’ve accepted the emptiness because I’m just too tired and drained at this point to want to search for fulfillment.. again.. I also understand that nobody wants to hear any complaints and I totally get it. I don’t either.. so many keep it all bottled up and contained until the brink of insanity all the while, trying not to let it bleed through for others to notice. It’s natural to worry about what others may think, even if they’re paying no mind.. we don’t know.. but I don’t try to contemplate it as much as I used to because, really, many have something to say or some way to think judgmentally.. many are hypocrites to some extent.. but I can only speak for myself and those I’ve met.. Yet, some deny it.. well, back to the point I’m trying to get across, the worlds financial bullshit isn’t going to cease any time soon from the looks of the way things are going. As long as currency exists, corruption will remain relentless.. Currency has been in existence for a long time.. since then, the world started to fall apart from that point onward. So no, it wasn’t our choice to be born but, while you live, your life is only for you to decide.. unless you’ve given it up for someone else.. and yes, with money being the obstacle, there are many limits to live the life you may want to live.

  51. As you may have well noticed, not necessarily is it always the case but, the main reason many people are dying, whether they die fighting for their country (war profiteering), on the streets (gang related in which usually eventually has some money related conflict, or homeless due to financial struggles), or whether by their own hand or the hand of someone else, or whatever the case may be, somewhere along the lines, money falls into that category. I mean, people die everyday and it’s shitty but unfortunately that’s life here on this mud ball we call earth. See it as negative or anyway you wish but that’s not the relevant factor here.

  52. I say what’s on my mind openly. Whether my opinion is valued or not, isn’t my concern.. I don’t need anyone’s approval, I’m simply sharing my perspective.

  53. I always got what I wanted. No job plenry of time and money. Oink cluck moo what do you do. Sit in front of a tv or see it live. I see these rich kids on a boat. They all act like it’s a prison ship. Because that is what it is. So you help a guy out and what does he do. He drinks himself to the mind of a child, trouble with the law. Get some beautiful girlfriend daughter of a bank CEO. Dumps some guy’s life away. Then these rich other tards. What go to church find a decent girl. Then what listen to some crummy effeminate music that sounds like some pedophile wrote it. This world is a nightmare. So I go back to work. Get a job late at night no people something safe. Get a little bored turn on the radio piss off the day people. Say a few words to the girls working late next thing they are throwing sexual harasment suits at me. F u f them f everyone. Not actually figurative slang. Get a boat hit the ocean. survive the storm? There is no escape. Get the job fame forture number 1 then every idiot and wealthfair queen king wants an extra check. They want the money but not the job. The house but not the cleaning. Beware of stupid people. Old money rich people. I wish I could kill my self. But, I am absolutely 100% withoit any doubt sure there is a God. You thought the nsa was intrusive. They know everything. And they want you to be ready for eternity. And if you are so lazy you don’t get on the bandwagon they will send you to hell or put you through hell.

  54. I am a final year of high school student and I have been just breathing since the last year somehow not living at all because i dont do anything i mean I don’t really know what to do exactly . The school was finished about 4 months ago and we have to be prepared for the entrance axam that I hate
    So I decided to go abroad buuut the problem is that now I don’t know if they give me the visa or not . I am waiting and the procedures are a lot oh I don’t know i am confused tiered and depressed and distressed at the same time . Life doesn’t seem to be changed at least for 3 months later ..: i am tiered of doing nothing and just worrying and being saaad i want everything stop

    • Sending you a hug…just remember life doesn’t always lead us to where we want to go, but it will take us where we are meant to go. We get to choose to be in a state of worry and anxiety or a place of ease and trust.

  55. One thing my very wise mother told me long ago, and I fought against until recently, was to get the focus off of myself and my problems and to help others with their problems. By doing so, you will find the joy and happiness you were missing as well as not focusing and worrying so much about your own problems. You may even smile?!?! When we’re bored or don’t feel productive, listened to, needed or wanted, the pity party starts (for all of us). If allowed to continue, it can cause and ultimately confirm some very destructive thoughts. You must counter these and TRY to be happy. Don’t let negativity or worry direct your steps or thoughts. 95% of the things we worry about NEVER come to pass and was wasted and destructive energy. Try to be positive (not like “I’m positive I will fail”) and volunteer at a soup line or some other place where you can serve others. Serving and helping others is one reason we are here, and I can guarantee you will not only find some great homeless friends (and smart) but will also find purpose and ability to feel again, positively. I hope everyone is able to overcome the deep depression and negative thinking that keeps you there. You got to help yourself in spite of your attitude or thoughts. Find that little voice inside you that says “I think I can” and listen to it and force yourself to follow it! You will not be sorry!

  56. Struggling to feel passion is a symptom of depression. So is feeling tired of everything. And suicide ideation. Therefore I don’t think that telling people that if they feel passionless and tired of everything it’s because they’re worthless people and they might as well die is the cleverest and most helpful idea. David 2016’s reaction was almost exactly my first reaction to this.

  57. I just want to follow my dreams..
    But I’m too scared..
    Scared of failure..
    Scared of society…
    Yes, I’m Coward..

    • Now, love the part of you that feels like a coward. Hold her hand and her heart and send the part of you that is pure power to the scared child. Ask her if she wants to live adventures if she wants to hold the strong part of you that is also there and be led into a life that is beyond the imagination of her wildest dreams! You can do it.

  58. My parents makes me wanna end my life. Have really bad childhood memories. Mentally and verbally abuse by parents, and they still do it until now. They never feel guilty causing trauma and ruin my entire life. Being a good person, get good edu, get a good job, and live far from parents still cant get rid my depression & suicidal thought, and my parents dont freakin care about that. What they care is just money, physical appearance, and Things that very superficial. I dont have sibling. My families, friends, coworker, and people bully me. I cant do mistakes and parents never teach me anything. Nobody defend me, i ‘fight’ by myself since childhood. Im sick and tired always on ‘fighting’ and surviving mode every single day. Even if i’m very successful , i dont think i can be happy coz at the end when you come ‘home’, my parents still there, and bad memories still there. And the depressed cycle start again. Im done crying, being physically and mentally exausted. Im done.

  59. It would be nice if any of the advice in the article actually worked. You see I always did what was right, regardless of personal consequences, always went out of my way to help others, always devoted my energies and resources toward changing the part of the world I touched for the better. I lived my passion unashamedly. And the result? I am two weeks from being homeless, I have no friends, no family, no job, no possessions, no prospects. I WILL starve to death on the streets. I WILL have nowhere to sleep. Very soon.

    It would be very helpful if self-euthanization were readily available to anyone who wanted it. I expect there are a lot of people like me, but they are forced to carry on, because the only choices we have are an handgun to the head (messy) or dying of exposure or starvation over the course of weeks. I am resolved not to take the firearms route because it will inconvenience people and because I am not really sure the most effective way of doing the deed. Exposure is easier to arrange: just walk into the desert after dark and keep going.

  60. Very sick and tired of being a single and lonely man when i really should’ve never been in the first place.

  61. the solution is always there for those of unchained mind. free your mind from the shackle, you will find that you can be truly free once you do it.

    don’t play by their rules, just avoid their rules, there’s a free world out there.

    there’s free stuff and resources everywhere, but you gotta find it, and keep going solution is always one step ahead.

  62. Nobody has a purpose. I certainly don’t. And that’s fine. I’m not interested in standing up for a cause. I’m not interested in living life. Life is pain, sorrow, loss, and misery. Why would anyone want to experience that? Life is something to be endured. All I want is for it to be over.

  63. And That Is The Truth

    Just like that old saying goes, life sucks and then we die.

  64. Valen am 19 depressed, tired to be candid am sick of life don’t know what I want feel unwanted work is hard country is messedup my life is upsidedown sad I just wanna be free most of the time I feel like dying just giving up,hustle here hustle there yet am not progressing giving up is my only option no school no place I can call home am messed up.

  65. Hi I’m a 50 yr old woman. Mother of 2 children and a wife. What I’m going to write is real life in today’s world. We were self made millionaires. We gave it all up to start a new life. We sold everything and there wasn’t much to leave with. If we would have waited as planed and kept our rentals we would have retired millionaires. My parents hated me for it , instead of being proud of us. I couldn’t take it. So we started a new life. My husband was military and started using morphine until he became an addict. We didn’t know what was going on. It wasn’t like him at all. My son in high school became addicted to street drugs. My daughter was going out every weekend and drinking and using cocaine. I alone made sure everyone got help …. I cried I think every single night for the last 5 years. I just fucking exhausted. I honestly can’t even put my clothes away. I’m so TIRED. I can’t show my family although they see I’m not my sellf. I just don’t know what to do. I just want to sleep forever.

  66. I gave up on life a long time ago. I honestly think I’m being punished for something I did in a past life. My dad is a narcissist and told me blank he wished he hadn’t had kids. My childhood was just isolation, stress, fear and rage. My mother is spoiled, lazy and too ditzy to acknowledge anything in the real world. I was bullied from a young age by kids and teachers due to undiagnosed autism and adhd and knew early on that no one had my back. I ran away at 14 and traded sex for a home from a 40 year old guy, who to this day is the closest thing I ever had to an actual parent figure. Then I was brutally raped by two men in an alleyway and told that due to the injuries I would never have kids. I was sent to a counsellor to get help for being suicidal, who told me my problem was that I was spoiled (yep). My parents then decided that I had to pay off their second home instead of getting help for PTSD from a different therapist (since the nhs one just made me feel 10x worse), so I traded sex for money so I could afford university, housing, their second mortgage all at once and a new therapist nearby since the nhs wouldn’t transfer me. I managed to get a degree, graduated into the recession, lost my low wage job and couldn’t get another for ages. So again I ended up having sex for money as my parents demanded I still pay rent despite being broke and now in debt (I took out a small loan for uni, but as I couldn’t pay it back the interest spiralled out of control). My dad just tells me I’m useless, insults me, lies about me and humiliates me in front of people at any events. I met a guy in my early 20s who finally treated me like a normal person and we moved in together, he arranged to get married to me, then he dumped me a few months before. I lost my/our home and had to quit my job as I could no longer afford to live near enough to commute. I worked a bunch of sh*tty jobs until I could afford somewhere else to stay near a decent paid job. Life was actually getting better for a few months and I met another guy who seemed genuine (to start with). I helped him pay off his car loan and moved in with him, but he ended up treating me like crap and eventually told me he was gay and dumped me for a man. During this time I met a third man who I fell madly in love with and who liked me back, but we were both in relationships with other people so no one said anything. By the time I broke up with my ex, he was already living with his girlfriend and it was too late. I had to move back home again at 30 and leave the (somewhat normal) life I had started to build behind. The man who had sex with me at 14 then managed to track me down on social media and sends me all of these creepy messages from different accounts. I lose my job because I’m now having panic attacks almost continuously and can’t sleep and my parents just guilt trip me constantly because my life is a total mess. In the meantime, the only man I’ve ever actually loved and vice versa randomly adds me on social media, but I don’t find out for 5 months as I don’t have my own computer and don’t check my account. By the time I do, I find out he’s back with his girlfriend again and I’ve missed another chance.

    I’m done with life now. I have no money, no home, no job, no friends, the man I love is with another woman and my family treat me like crap. I’m getting older and the only men that ever look at me are either married or single dad’s looking for a surrogate mother for their kids. I send out CV after CV and no one responds. My savings are getting eaten away and the small amount of money I’d put away for a deposit so I could finally escape my parents is now disappearing fast. Being suicidal and insanely stressed for so many years has given my stomach ulcers, turned lots of my hair grey, made me sick, wrecked my memory and focus now and I’m worried I’m getting early dementia in my 30s. I can’t concentrate on anything any more. I forget what I’m supposed to be doing and even if I manage to remember, I can’t focus long enough to actually do it. My GP just stuck me on another waiting list to see a specialist, but that could take over a year where I live. No one is interested in helping and I’m not even sure they could help me at this point as it’s gone on for so long now. Every single area of my life is f*cked beyond repair and I have no interest in continuing with this existence any more just to be continuously hurt.

  67. Valen, the author of this ridiculous article is an example of the person who uses the fact of the oppressive economy to make a living off other people, enabling her to preach to others.

    There are plenty of these ‘digital nomads’ living from country to country enjoying the fruits paid for by other people’s taxes; people who work a normal job and have to listen to the rubbish from these internet gurus who contribute zero, nothing, to the sum total of what people need at base level.

    Yes we need both bread and roses, as the poem tells us, but before you can enjoy roses you need the bread. No-one enjoys roses on an empty stomach and very few people fill their bellies by idealistically “following the dream”.

    The elite? Maybe you can talk about real economic iniquities and the hijacking of the economy by vested interests. Something more substantial than telling people to drop out and magically ‘choose’ the life they want. Let’s talk about why ordinary jobs are less fulfilling. Quote something useful, like e.g. Marx’s EPM.

    It’s fantasy talk you are offering. And for every digital nomad who manages to feed off the unhappy internet-surfing public, there are another thousand who spiraled into debt and homelessness or just went back to regular work because they became honest. As is now well-known, those doling life-changing advice generally don’t lead lives as fulfilling as they claim.

    I’m not tired of life, I’m tired of gurus as much as I’m tired of capitalist cheerleaders and social parasites of all kinds.

  68. i m tired of life . even i dont want to read the whole of your article to understand , why . because i cant trust in anyone anymore . i think i m losing my religion . I M TIRED GODDAMMIT . SBY HELP ME .

  69. i hate from this world …..from people …..from my country…..from my friends …….from my family…..even from myself ……i hate to listen to everyone around me because non of them are perfect and complete . even me …..i m not a perfect guy too . no one cares what s you problem and so do i … one cares what you need and so do i . so please save these bullsh*ts for yourself cos these sentences are just new brands of fake kindness . i dont know you have understood any of my words or not because nowadays when start to talk , then i understand that no one has understood any of my words at all . one question is killing me and i cant find out a correct and reasonable ans for it . so please if you are a scientist , doc , engineer , teacher , psychiatrist or at least a human , please think about my question and try to persuade with your answer . ok?
    the question is : why god started a game like this in this world ? why he /she or whatever it is , send humans in this world , on earth , to prove what ? no seriously ? proving what ? he just wanted to prove that i wasnt as good as the other creature and you are going to hell and the other creature , which was better than you , to heaven ? seriously , this was the reason of creation ? are you kidding with me ? if in Bible , Quoran and many of the religious books it has been written that , god is so kind ….god is so merciful ….god is so forgiveness and etc, so why people say that god has said ‘you are going to hell for your sins for the entire of your life ‘???
    a big question . who can answer it reasonably ? who has defined the meaning of sin for people ? who has defined the meaning of happiness for people ? is it correct ?(i mean the definition) who can prove that god has said of these things himself/herself/itself ? oh my god . even i dont know god is girl or a boy . is god like me or not ? is he listening to us or not ? why god sent human to a place full misery . what did you want to prove exatly ? if all of them were just dream , then what should we do ? why god doesnt decide to come down and talk to the humans himself ? why he likes to bother us with these mysterious questions that are still in my mind without any ans ? why? why he hasnt sent any messenger for us since 1000 years ago ? come on . send a new one . now . because in this century we need a messenger when people can take photo of messenger and show it to all over the world but it seems you dont want to send anyone for us because maybe you want to provoke to this fact that you dont exist . at least not exist in the way that we thought .

  70. I feel you. Sometimes people dont understand what the real pain of being tired of life truly is until they feel it. All day 24/7 feeling like you’re stuck in a cycle of keeping up with society. I just really wanna end it all.

  71. I felt this way for over 30 years. People kept lying to me that things would get better. They didn’t. If you’re an ugly woman, and don’t have money to correct that, you are pretty much screwed. I wanted to get married, have a home, have a family, maybe a few pets. I’m now on my way to 40 and that chance is running out. The only men that have ever shown any interest are either psychopaths that used my insecurities against me or married men who see me as a ‘safe’ option to get whatever attention they are not getting at home. When I meet a guy I like and he flirts with me, I literally start counting down the hours until he tells me that actually he has a wife and kids back home. The kinder ones only play with me for a few hours. The worst ones will lie to me for weeks and let me fall in love before breaking my heart. It’s happened so many times now that it no longer shocks me. Some women are too fussy to find men they would consider marrying and complain they never meet any that meet their expectations. I meet a great guy at least once a year, we get talking and have tons in common, he makes it clear he likes me back, we spend more time together, I try (yet again) to force myself to trust someone, then he tells me he’s taken. Every time. Without fail.

    When I was younger I could use makeup to look average and get a few older single men to give me the time of day. Now I don’t even have a good body to pull that off. Single men just aren’t interested in me and I seem to be a magnet for married guys wanting an affair.

    To make it worse, my brothers and sister are very good looking and inherited all the great DNA from both my parents. They both found equally good looking partners to marry and have done very well with their careers, money, family, etc. In contrast, I’m broke, perpetually single, struggle to even keep friends (unless they want an ‘ugly friend’ to make them look better) and despite what the media will tell you, intelligence and being charismatic and friendly to everyone only works if people already like you. Otherwise you just sound creepy and annoying.

    I don’t want to spend the rest of my life alone and miserable. I can’t even socialise with my family now, as they are so much richer than me and can all afford to go to the same places. They compare stories and jokes all the time about various milestones and events in their lives that I have never experienced and can’t join in with. Every year it becomes more and more awkward between us, although they are never mean about it and I wouldn’t want their lives to be worse. I would just like to know what it’s like to be happy, pretty, financially secure and successful for one day rather than getting to watch everyone else around me. I would love someone to actually love me back for once.

    I sometimes think about moving to another part of the world and cutting off all contact so that at least my life isn’t compared to them. If I lived around other poor, ugly, single people then maybe I wouldn’t feel so terrible. But I can’t afford to move.

    I’ve now given up on my own life and just dedicate every day to earning as much money as I can to leave behind to my future neices and nephews. At least they will never have to go through what I’ve experienced.

    I’m exhausted. I’m 36 and feel like I’m in my 80s. I’m too scared to kill myself in case I go to hell (residual fear left over from a religious childhood). I’m starting to go grey now and I’m mourning the life I never got to have in my 20s. I would feel absolute relief if I was knocked down by a bus tomorrow or told I had incurable cancer. My life is a living hell.

  72. I’m a shizophrenic, i was hospitalized in our town mental health facility. Any way i was prescribed to drink pils, but i feel so miserable some times. I woke up 6:30 am and go to work, where i don’t like my job and i just keep being tired from everything. I sometimes even don’t have what to say to people.
    What can I do ?

  73. So true. Im 50. For 45 years I lived the life of a stranger, someone else but not me. I dont know who or what I am but I know one thing, I am not what this system “made” me be. Im good at my work and actually enjoy it but my motives to do things were never mine. They were my parents, my partners, my childs never mine. What i would have done if I would have bee clever enought to see the trap, something different, I would have chosen freedom over everything else. Freeedom from fear, from relationships, from money, the classic picture of what the system sets up to decive you and con you. Now Im trapped and to tired and to old to restart, or wait, maybe just maybe this time I shall not listen to the system. And Im getting back on them, I tell my child to value nothing, except freedom. Money, a carrier, family, all things pass, freedom is the only true goal, freedom from yourself, from illusions, from wanting more. I can say maybe I have finally grasped what life is really about, finding freedom.

  74. Yes, the more I think about it, the more I come to the same conclusion. The buddha had it right, freedom gives peace of mind, with peace of mind you loose fear, without fear your free. We are drilled to fear, to want more to quench the fear which is constantly amplified. We are brainwashed to fear, war, terror, illness, poverty, shame, loss, loneliness, violence, different cultures, different religions, gays, trans, our system builds and amplifies fear to control us and we succumb. A free mind knows that everything is transient and therefore fears nothing. But how can you rule a free mind?!
    The truth is, if you life in fear you never lived.

    • You are exactly right! And we have so many teachings from the masters to guide us to a better way to live, and just look at nature! Nature doesn’t live in fear. The lightning is as sacred as the sunshine! Fires come and nature rebuilds….

  75. Well yeah for you. You probably grew up in a time when it was possible to climb the ladder. Not so much anymore.

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