10 Reasons You Aren’t Loving Your Life Right Now

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What’s it all for anyway? You are tired of the struggle. Just as soon as you get your life to where it doesn’t suck, something else happens to turn your life upside down. Or maybe, you are content in your life. But, that’s it. You are just content. Going through the motions. But you aren’t loving your life.

Did you know that you are meant to love your life?  You are here to experience unlimited joy, freedom, and bliss. Before you do the eye roll (because you are scared), let me tell you it’s true. It really is possible for you be loving your life right now. Every second (almost) of it!

10 Reasons You Aren’t Loving Your Life Right Now

1. You Are Playing The Pretend Game

We actually hate being the ones responsible for our own lives. We want to make it someone else’s fault. So, we pretend we don’t know what to do next. We give our power away. We act like we don’t know what the next step is that we need to take, and then we ask everyone else for advice. When we pretend we don’t know what to do, we deny our own soul. So, it’s time for you to stop pretending. Get deep. Get back in touch with your intuition and listen to what your soul is begging you to do. You won’t be happy until you do.

2. You Are Your Own Rerun Show

“Sometimes people let the same problem make them miserable for years when they could just say, So what. That’s one of my favorite things to say. So what.”― Andy Warhol, The Philosophy of Andy Warhol

Have you ever stopped to realize there seems to be a theme to your life? You keep repeating the same patterns over and over. If you have a hard time looking at yourself, look at your friends first. Ever notice that the thing they keep asking for advice about is the same thing over and over? Now look at you. Could you be doing the same thing?

Maybe you keep getting rejected over and over, or anger keeps showing up, or people keep pointing out the same issues to you over and over. Ever notice that the same thing keeps happening in all of your relationships? Ever notice that the common denominator in all of these stories is you? Your soul has come here to learn certain things and you have attracted the people and scenarios to help you learn them. And, these same scenarios will keep happening until you do. Tired yet? Take an honest look, and see what life might be asking you to learn.

3. You Haven’t Learned That You Don’t Know Shit

Oh, we like to pretend we are the all-knowing guru who has all our shit together. We are right and everyone else is wrong. If only everyone else would do it our way. How is that working out for you? If what you have been doing hasn’t been working, could you be open to knowing that there is a different way? People come into our lives to teach us things. How about keeping your mouth shut for a minute and listening to what they came to teach you.

4. You Are Bullshitting Everybody

We are afraid to be completely honest with one another. We are afraid that if someone knows our deepest fears or insecurities that they won’t like us anymore, or worse, that they will use them against us. And, so we hide. And, then we feel like no one understands us. When you don’t reveal your true self, then you aren’t being understood anyway. No, not everyone will appreciate your honest self. But, wouldn’t you rather surround yourself with a few people who love and appreciate your real self, then surround yourself by a lot of others who don’t even know who you truly are. Start by being 100 percent honest, and taking no less than that from others.

5. You Are An (Out Of) Control Freak

When you live life like it’s a script that everyone should follow, you don’t give life a chance to show up and surprise you. Have you noticed that the best parts of life are the parts that you didn’t plan out? They just happened. Without your input. That’s where the magic is! Often, people try to control things because they have great fear. Let your fears go. You really aren’t in control anyway. Let yourself be the observer for a minute. Let others choose to show up how they want to show up. Live life with your hands open instead of living it with a clenched fist. Don’t even try to control your own life. Live in the flow and let life lead the way. Let yourself draw good things towards you instead of going out and hunting it down. You will have a lot more fun, and you will be more relaxed when good things come your way.

6. You Have Too Many Lame-Ass Excuses

You have created an excuse for everything. You have excuses as to why your life is stuck on repeat, as to why it’s everyone else’s fault, as to why you aren’t creating the life you want. As to why you are procrastinating. As to why you’ve have it harder than anyone else. You done yet? What if you stopped lying to yourself and started taking responsibility for your own life. Don’t you deserve to have a life you love?

7. You Didn’t Just Fall In A Rut-You Furnished It

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut. We fear change, so we let things stay the same. Do something different, even if it’s small. Listen to music you wouldn’t normally listen to. Just for a day. Try a new restaurant. Talk to someone who you normally wouldn’t even say hello to. Then expand bigger. Travel to a new country. Move to a new country. Quit your job. Move out of your house. Go live on a boat. Break free. Get new edges for the you, you have so carefully designed. Hell, get a new center for that matter. If you aren’t loving your life, there’s a reason. Fix it.

8. You Don’t Love Yourself

Learning to love yourself is hard. We judge ourselves harshly. We aren’t patient with ourselves. Hell. Most of the time, we don’t even trust ourselves. Take time to connect with your soul. When you connect with your soul, you will see and feel the glorious being that you are. Are you going to screw up in life? Oh, yeah. But that’s just you experiencing what you came here to learn. Dump self-esteem and invite in self-belief which means accepting yourself exactly as you are right now. Fall in love with the true being that you are and give that being the same extreme care and patience that you would give a lover whose total being you see, deeply accept, and love.

9. You’ve Forgotten Your Vagina Is 8 Miles Wide (Yes, Even The Men)

How long have you been playing small to be accepted? You have an enormous gift to offer this world. You are a vigantic shining light, and the world needs you. ALL of you. So stop hiding who you are. The world will thank you. And those who don’t. They can suck it. (thanks, Storm!)

10. Ack, Growing Pains!

Ok, do you think you are gonna love your life like every single second? Probably not? Because sometimes, you have to grow. And, you aren’t gonna always love those moments. They aren’t usually comfortable. But, if you can keep that in mind, you can even love those moments for what they are.

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