How To Create A Life That Doesn’t Suck

create a life that doesn't suck

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Have you noticed? Something is changing in our world. Countries are now being measured by their gross national happiness  rather than their gross national product. People are realizing they don’t need so much stuff. People are working fewer hours, moving into tiny houses, and spending more time doing things they love. Even,  Americans are rejecting consumerism. People are creating lives they enjoy all week-long, not just on the weekends. So, how can you do this? How can you create a life that doesn’t suck? One that makes you jump out of bed each morning, ready and excited to take on the day?

How To Create A Life That Doesn’t Suck

1. Stop Selfie-Shaming Your Mistakes

create a life that doesn't suck

Our mistakes are there to teach us and making them doesn’t mean we have failed. But, so many of us are afraid to admit we made a mistake, so, instead we pretend we didn’t, and we hide from them. Well, guess what? We will just keep reliving our mistakes until we learn from them. So, save some time by embracing the mistakes you make, and take it as an opportunity to do things differently in the future. Become your own biggest fan, and learn to accept both the light and dark parts inside of you. When you stop the selfie-shaming of your beautiful self, you will also be gentler and more loving towards others, instead of sending judgement their way.

 2. Remember You Are A Unicorn And The World Is Your Rainbow

create a life that doesn't suckRemember, there is no one like you. You have something to offer this world that no one else can. When you figure out why you are here and what your purpose is, your life will take on meaning and you will feel a greater sense of belonging and worth. Have you noticed that those with the most self-confidence are usually offering something to the world? Figure out what you are here for, and start doing it. When you start living your uniqueness, you will also care less about what others think of you. You will stop taking things personally, and will recognize that what others do is about them and not about you. Also, remember, the world is made of energy and you can manifest into being what you believe that you can. If you need more help on knowing how to bring your dreams into being, read my article, ” The Secret To Manifesting An Amazing Life.”

3. Show Double Rainbow Gratitude

Yeah, you know the video of the guy who totally flips out over the double rainbow. That’s the kind of gratitude we should show for the good things in our life. We take so much for granted, and when we take things for granted, we lose our feeling of bliss and joy that could be there for all of life. We start complaining, and when we complain we just attract more negative experiences into our life. Remember when you were a kid, and everything seemed awesome? Somewhere, along the way, we lose that and, we stop belly laughing, doing cartwheels, happy dances, and jumping with delight. Start every day giving thanks. And when I say give thanks, use your whole body to give thanks. Need some inspiration? Follow Jessica’s example.

4. Set Your Roof On Fire

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We all have a roof we have created over our heads. This roof is filled with the ideas that we believe to be true. This roof holds our comfort zone. The problem is most of these ideas have been programmed by a society that doesn’t always have what’s best for us in mind. We are programmed with fear that says we can’t make a living doing what we love. We are programmed to buy things we don’t need. We are programmed to not question why things have always been done a certain way. Dare to let your roof burn and do things a different way rather than trying to be the same as everyone else. When you let that motherfucker burn, you will start living a life of openness to new ideas and events, and that is when the magic of your life will happen.

how to create a life that doesn't suck5. Remember You Are Not Mr. (Or Mrs.) Potato Head

how to create a life that doesn't suck

So many of us only live in our heads the majority of the time. We are so stuck in our thoughts and our minds that we forget we have a body. Move your body as much as possible whether it’s through dance, hiking, yoga, or exercise. When our body flows easier, we flow through life easier. Get out of your mind and into your body. Meditation and practicing mindfulness are also great ways to become more conscious of the thoughts we are having. When we learn to be fully present and in the moment, we live with our full bodies rather than just staying stuck in our heads.

If you want more advice on creating a life that doesn’t suck, check out my book Dream Catcher: The Magic Of Living Your Dream Life. If are feeling stuck and unsure of how to create the life you want, this book will launch you into creating a life that you love.


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  1. YES!!!! We spend way too much time in our heads. We get in trouble when we try to live our lives from the head down. We need to work from the ground up (I think) and let ourselves establish a strong foundation (through nourishment, exercise, and connection to the ground under our feet). Eventually we CAN spend time in our heads… but, not until we’ve stabilized all of the pieces below that. Thanks for the awesome post!

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