7 Things To Balance In Your Life

balance in your life

Next to love, balance is the most important thing.- John Wooden

I have noticed that in yoga, I struggle with the balance poses the most. This realization showed me that when I am struggling in life, it’s also because something isn’t in balance. Absolutely everything in life is about balance. I want to be more conscious of where I can bring more balance to my everyday life instead of just letting life happen to me.

Here are 7 things to balance in your life: 

1. How Often You Live In Your Head vs. How Much You Live In Your Body

We often live our days from the neck up. We stay in our minds, and we forget to notice how our body is moving through life. I want to pay more attention to my movement, my posture, the way a breeze might be moving against my skin, or the way my body either opens or contracts when someone else moves close to me.

2. Rest vs. Activity

I want to make sure I also give myself time to reflect on my life instead of always getting caught up in activity and doing. I want to allow my mind to rest in meditation, or allow my body to just do nothing without feeling guilty. But, I also want to make sure that each day is full of motion and never becomes stagnant. To create a good balance in your life, make sure you allow time for both rest and activity.

3. Spontaneity vs. Planning

I love to have everything planned out. But, I’ve learned that if I always follow the plan, I can miss out on some beautiful spontaneous moments. So, I’m learning to let go, and tune in more to what I really feel like doing in the moment. If I am walking down the street and happen to see a beautiful tree that I want to sit under for a moment, I allow myself to do so. If I wake up, and decide to go out for breakfast rather than having the breakfast I had planned at home, I do that. If a friend calls and wants me to join them on an unexpected adventure, I join them. I also no longer plan every second of my day, so I can allow time for unplanned moments to occur. You may benefit from being more of a planner, planning out your goals and being less of a procrastinator.

4. Giving vs. Receiving

I admit it. I am a much better giver than I am a receiver. I need help learning how to receive. I have a hard time being vulnerable, which receiving makes me feel. I am learning to be more open and to let myself receive. Some people have a hard time knowing how to give. It’s a balance that, once learned, can improve our relationships with others and with the Universe itself. It’s not enough to manifest what we want to see happen in our lives. We then must learn to receive it as well.

5. Your Shadow Side vs. The Light You Show

None of us are perfect. We all have a shadow side that we don’t like to admit is there. I have learned that the shadow side of me: the fear, the anger, the insecurities, jealousy, and pain, just wants to be noticed and embraced by me. When I pretend it isn’t there, it has no hope of being transformed into something more. I have found that shame can only be lifted by meeting the dark where it is. Darkness itself is a great transformer. It has shown me where I need to own my shit. Seeing what I’ve seen in the dark has let me bring great healing and love to the issues I still have to work on.

6. Boundaries vs. Openness

balance in your life

“Your attachment to unhealthy people and bad habits, which offer you no real control, is why you’re spiritually dying and living a life out of balance.” ― Shannon L. Alder

I am an open person. I am open to new experiences, thoughts, and other people. But, I often found myself in relationships where I was taken advantage of. I am learning now to no longer stop at mean-spirited roadhouses, even if I once had a great time at that roadhouse. Many times we get caught up in how someone used to treat us, that we still hold on even when they are being unkind. I have learned to move on if that is the case. Since setting boundaries, I also attract better people into my life. You may have the problem of not being open enough. If you are moving through life without feeling deeply known by people, maybe it’s time to open yourself a little more. There is a perfect balance which will leave you feeling more fulfilled in your relationships.

7. What I Spend vs. What I Save

I have always been a good saver (kind of goes with the planning thing.) I am learning to let go and enjoy myself more and allow myself to occasionally splurge on myself and things that I enjoy. I no longer look for the cheapest hotel room when traveling. I now look for the one that has character, yet that’s not overpriced. I am now working to live with things more in balance, so that I enjoy the money I have worked hard to make, yet, I still have some saved aside for future financial goals as well.

Hopefully, these areas will give you ideas of other areas of life where you can create balance in your life. Let me know what you are trying to balance in your life by leaving a comment below!

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  1. I have a problem with relaxing as well. Been like it for a few years and now, occasionally get adrenal fatigue. Need to sort it out

  2. Brittany Foxworthy

    So inspiring.

  3. The article really hit home for me. Life should be all about balance.

  4. The article was really good! But I always have problems with having plans to do my tasks. It said that you can have some spontaneous moments in your life,but I have never could have plans and all my moments have been spontaneous till now! Is it possible to help me in this section?

  5. Thomas Sanderson

    Really inspiring piece of writing. Definitely something I try to live by day in day out.

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