How To Receive (For Givers)

how to receive

Treasure the love you receive above all. It will survive long after your gold and good health have vanished. — Og Mandino

Our world gives constant messages that it is better to give than receive, and while giving is a wonderful thing, many givers have a hard time being on the receiver end of energy.  Usually, it’s a lot harder to receive than to give.  There are many reasons why someone can have a difficult time receiving. Some of them are:

how to receive

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1. We Don’t Feel Worthy

Sometimes, we don’t feel worthy of a gift. We don’t feel like we did anything to earn it, so we don’t deserve it. We can learn to receive by realizing, we are worthy, and we don’t need to “do” anything to be worthy of receiving a gift. When we feel worthy, we are accepting our own gifts. When we learn to accept our own gifts, we can learn to accept gifts from others.

2.  Receiving Makes Us Feel Vulnerable

It’s easier to feel like the one in control when we are giving. When we receive, it brings out our vulnerability.  We are forced to let down our defenses. We look at vulnerability as something that should be repressed, when, really, it’s something that should be embraced.  Receiving can be a good practice to honoring our own vulnerability and letting it flourish.

3.  Society Teaches Us We Have To Strive For What We Want

Our society teaches us from the time that we are children that we have to strive for what we want. We are taught that we have to be the ones who make things happen, and that we must be taking constant action to get the things we need.

Actually, this isn’t true at all.  The law of attraction states that we receive the things we put our attention on. But, if you are holding the thought that you must strive to get what you need, that you can’t just simply receive them, then this is what the Universe will bring to you.

If you learn to open to receiving, you will be amazed at all of the good things you will start to receive.

4.  We Are Afraid Of Owing Someone

Often we are afraid of receiving because we are afraid of what that person expects in return. While some people do give expecting something in return, think of the times that you give. Do you give expecting something in return? Most people give for the joy of giving not because they are hoping to get something from you.

If someone is giving to you with strings attached, it is not your obligation to meet that expectation. Learn to freely accept what is given.  Just the act of your receiving is a gift to the giver.

5.  We Have Shut Off Parts Of Ourselves That Need To Be Nurtured

Do you have a hard time receiving compliments? Or, do you have a hard time accepting the gift of being cared for? Often, we push away other’s giving when it’s speaking to a part of ourselves that needs to be nurtured and cared for.

Allow yourself to be listened to, to be deeply held, and taken care of. Learn to allow others to show you these tender spots and open to the gift of healing that can come by letting someone else’s care in.

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