How To Date The World

date the world

This universe is not outside of you.
Look inside yourself;
everything that you want,
you are already that.”
― Rumi

It is so easy to rush through our days without really seeing the beauty they contain. We find ourselves waiting for Friday, wishing the day were over, completely stressed, tired, and worn out. We stop seeing the magic in the moment, and this makes it easier for fear and worry to tiptoe into our minds without us even noticing.

So many of us have visions of travel to faraway lands because we want to escape our own lives. We want that child-like feeling of everything we are experiencing to be brand-new. We crave the aliveness that comes from the enchantment of seeing the world though new eyes.

But, it’s possible to have that feeling without buying a plane ticket. We can bring this joy into our everyday lives.

How can we get that feeling? How can we make every moment come alive with wonder and see the sacred in the ordinary?

Just like we make a date with a friend or a partner to reconnect with them, I think it’s important to make a date with the world to remember the beauty of everyday life.

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On Your Date With The World

My suggestion for your date with the world is to turn off your phone and let intuition and the world guide you. Ask your body what it wants to do. Do you feel like being in nature? Do you feel like walking or being around people?  Do you feel like sitting in a park and watching the world dance by?

Let the world lead you. If you are driving somewhere and feel an urge to pull over in a field of flowers, then do just that.  On your date with the world, pay attention to where the world is pulling you.

The world is creativity itself, so make sure you add some creative activity on some of your dates. Dance (naked), or paint (with your fingers), bake something (with no recipe), sing (loudly). Have a conversation with a stranger. (Offer them candy.) Accept their invitation to tea. Give yourself to wild abandon and let your spirit soar.

We get so busy planning every minute of our days, that our days take control of us, instead of us taking control of them. We don’t take the time to let our bodies and minds tell us what they want to do. And we miss so many moments of spontaneity in the process.

We miss the moonrise in our backyard because we are sitting in front of the computer doing one last thing for the office.  We miss our friend’s silent cry for help because we are thinking about all the things we have to do later. We miss the poem that was waiting to be written by us because we didn’t stay still long enough for pen to meet paper.

We miss our very own lives because we forget to connect with the world itself. So meander, get lost, let the world speak to you, and follow her where she goes. (hint: she prefers skipping!) She has messages for you, if you will only answer her call.

Featured photo by Martinak15/Flickr CC

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  1. Love this post! Having a date with the world, to pause and get a sense of what you feel, is a great idea. Thanks for sharing this!!

  2. This article is great and I often try to do this… but sometimes you finish work on a Friday and you are just so tired! You want to go for a walk or do some fun activity but by the time you commute, and eat its time for bed! Its hard not getting caught in the trap of routine…

    • Yes, it is…sometimes you just have to schedule times off or ways to do your routine differently. I have traveled around the world for the last year and have learned that we don’t need our routines as much as we think we do!!

  3. It’s weird. Just when I needed answers, after a week of freedom(throwing my cage out the door and letting myself be free ie: wandering around like a friendly tourist in my own town), there they are thank you for your website.

  4. in general, i enjoyed your idea so poetically statged; however, i am confused about it and your choice of rumi’s words, “This universe is not outside of you.
    Look inside yourself;”?

  5. Lovely article. Thank you for inspiring!

  6. your words are the balm for broken spirits. I feel so transformed after reading your posts, as if by some divine appointment I arrive at the perfect article to move me to a higher place. Thank you for such honesty!

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