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hate mondays

I used to be you. I used to hate Mondays. The weekends never lasted long enough. I just worked to pay the bills. Then one day, I realized something. I didn’t want to live like that anymore. Life is short enough, and I was tired of every Monday-Friday feeling like every other Monday-Friday. I realized that I was selling most of the hours of my life away to my employer, and I didn’t want to do that anymore.

hate Mondays

So, I stopped and thought hard about how I wanted to spend my life. I wanted to see the world. It’s a lot of people’s dream jobs to work from a beach, and I decided that’s what I would do to. I created a travel blog about beaches, and decided I wouldn’t hate Mondays anymore. I’ve since created three more websites that I run. I also give sound healing sessions, life coaching inspiration, and help others to not hate Mondays. So, what got me from here to there? If you hate Mondays, you probably think your situation is hopeless. You probably feel stuck and don’t know how to get from there to here. I’m here to tell you that within the next year, you could very easily be living a life you love. Here’s how I did it.

How To Stop Hating Mondays

1. Stop Letting Other People’s Poor Decisions Affect Your Own

Many people let the people they spend most of their time with influence their decisions. They don’t even stop to think about doing things differently. Everyone else goes to work for someone else. Everyone else hates Mondays. So, many people go out and get a job they aren’t thrilled with because they think they have to. Most people choose to own cars that aren’t paid for, choose to live in houses that put them in debt, and wear clothes that they put on their credit card and think this will bring them happiness. Meanwhile, the debt continues to accumulate and they are left feeling forced to work in a job they hate to pay for all this happiness. Would you rather travel around the world, create a business you are passionate about, and have time for the things you love or would you rather own a bunch of shit that will all burn or break down one day? This is a choice you are making whether you have stopped to think about it or not.

2. Don’t Let Fear Decide For You, Either

A lot of people have let the media convince them that they have to work for someone else, or they will wind up on the streets. They are afraid to make the jump to start living a life they love. One day, I just saw how much of an illusion our lives are, and I could live the illusion in fear or in joy. And, I just decided, I would do whatever it took to love my life. I finally realized, I was the creator of my life, and if I didn’t do something to change it, it would continue the same way. Don’t let fear stop you and take away the real happiness you could be creating.

3. Learn To Live With Less

It only took me three months to quit my job, once I decided I didn’t want to live that way anymore. Why? Because I had no debt. Most people have debt today because they are convinced that they need things they really don’t. For instance, I have probably bought coffee from coffee shops less than twenty times in my life. I have always bought a used car, one I could afford to pay cash for at the moment that I bought it. (Yes, all of my cars have been at least ten years old.) I have never had cable TV. I have usually bought my clothing at garage sales or thrift shops. The same thing goes for the furniture in my house. I rarely eat at restaurants.

Now you may think I have missed out. But, I have rented a bungalow on my own private beach in Tahiti. I swam with manta rays in Raja Ampat. I have been on the world’s best beaches, written a book, and have had experiences beyond my wildest dreams. I will gladly trade “stuff” for the experiences I have had. I realize there are many financial situations out there, but people make small financial decisions every day which affect their future. They don’t realize that the money they spend at Starbucks will cost them $22,995.00 over the course of 30 years. That alone could pay for a trip around the world.

If you want to start planning a different future, I recommend checking out the website, Early Retirement Extreme.  It offers money-making ideas and great tips for saving for early retirement. Remember, it is the American consumerism mentality that leads you to believe that spending more will make you happier? Is this really true? How happy are you now? You have to look at the full picture and figure out how much things are really costing you.

4. Start Working On Your Business On The Side

When I decided I wanted to start a travel blog, I didn’t just automatically quit my job. I had traveled frequently, so I had plenty of photos and stories to tell without going anywhere. I stayed up until two in the morning most nights working on my travel blog, after working my full-time job all day. But, I noticed something great. I didn’t dread it. I loved what I was doing. I work just as many hours as I used to. The difference is now I don’t dread it.

You really don’t have to hate Mondays anymore. First, you have to change your mindset. Then, be willing to put in the work to create a life you really love.

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  1. These are great tips for leading an overall happier life. Learning to live with less is so important; it allows us to be happy without copious amounts of material needs and is overall better for the environment and produces less waste.

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