How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Make More Money

law of attraction make more money

I had an interesting thing happen on Twitter today. Someone responded to my question, “Do you want to live an authentic life?” with “It takes money to live an authentic life.”

Well, yes, it also takes money to live an inauthentic life.  Saying we need money to live an authentic life is like saying we need oxygen or food.

Money is nothing but energy, yet most of us let money control how we live our lives. We don’t follow our dreams or live our purpose because we let thoughts of scarcity and fear of not having enough money stand in the way.  We give up our entire lives and the precious moments that make them up to a few numbers that we see on the screen of a computer. In fact, many of us even let these numbers determine how we feel about ourselves.

When you fear not having enough money, you surround the energy of  money with negative thoughts.  When you feel disappointed or upset about money, you actually wind up pushing money away from you. The Law of Attraction states that our thoughts create our reality. A lot of people don’t like that because they don’t want to be responsible for their thoughts. But, changing our thoughts about money is the key to making more money. So, how can you change your thoughts and use the law of attraction to manifest more money?

1.  Feel Good About Letting Go Of Your Money

Do you feel good when you are writing the check for your rent or your house payment? How about when you buy that new iPhone? It’s funny how we can often resent the money we spend for the necessities, yet give money away freely or without even thinking when it comes to treats like electronic gadgets or an afternoon coffee. Start surrounding all of the money you give with positive thoughts. Don’t be afraid to spend money and let it go.

If we surround our money with hoarding energy, we will be sure to create lack, for we are telling the Universe that there isn’t enough. Also, give your money more freely. If you don’t have money to give right now, give your time or something you do have to the world around you. Surround the energy you give to the world with gratefulness for having that gift to give.

2. Stop Thinking Negatively About People With Money

Are you having negative thoughts about people that do have money? Having a lot of money is not a sign of greed, but we often put this mentality out into the Universe and it limits us. The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. If you put out negative thoughts, you will bring in negative results.

When you have negative thoughts about those with money, you are surrounding yourself with resistance to bringing in money. You are telling the Universe that you don’t think making a lot of money is a positive thing, and, guess what? The Universe will always bring you what you asked for.  If you want to make more money, you will have to change your attitude surrounding it.

3.  Use The Law Of Attraction To Visualize Yourself Having More Money

How many times have you visualized yourself not having enough money for the things that you want to do? What if you turned those thoughts around and imagined yourself having all of the money that you need. But, don’t just visualize that money. Why do you want to have the money? What is it that you want the money for? We get so caught up with the balance in the bank account, that we lose track of the other ways our needs can be met.

Perhaps, you are afraid to buy a plane ticket for that vacation because you won’t have a place to stay. The Universe may provide you with a free place to stay while you house sit instead of actual money, so don’t forget to visualize the things you are hoping to accomplish or have with the money that you need.

4.  Remember That Money Won’t Solve All Your Problems

Many of us use the lack of money as an excuse. We use it as an excuse not to follow our dreams and live the life we have always wanted. I met someone who decided she wanted to travel around the world, and decided to do it with only $700 to her name. The Universe has provided her with ways to make more money and places to stay along the way of her journey.

Money isn’t going to make you happy. If it’s happiness that you want, start by thinking thoughts of joy. It isn’t going to bring more meaning to your life. You have to be the one to create that. Realize that while money definitely makes life easier, it won’t solve everything.  Start now by looking at all the reasons that you want more money, and work on creating the things you want to have on all levels, not just the financial one.

5.  Be Grateful For The Money And Things That You Do Have

When you remember to tell the Universe, “Thank you”, you are saying, “Thank you, I would like more.” But, if you are always telling the Universe there isn’t enough, then you are putting out a vibration of lack rather than abundance. Appreciate not just the money that you have in your life but all the gifts you have in your life. Appreciate all of the wealth that you have in your relationships, your family, and the gifts that come to you each day. When you show gratitude, you are also raising your vibration which attracts positive energy which includes money.

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  1. Great tips! You’re right that once you’re happy with what you’re doing, the rest works out, and then money is less of an issue. Thanks for sharing this!!

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