Life Has Ginormous Plans For You (And Why You Should Stop Playing Small)

life plansWe have all been guilty of it. We forget our own value and start playing small. We then attract people into our lives that make us feel that way. And you know what? We play the game with them. We chase after the ones who make us feel less than we are.

The whole world lays before us, but we chase after people who make us feel like we aren’t enough. We set low goals and expectations for ourselves. We plan to just write the book, rather than write a bestseller. We try to just make it through each work day, rather than looking for a job we truly enjoy. We plan to just “get by” in life rather than asking for the ginormous things we deserve.

Why do we keep playing small? We play small because we are afraid of our own power. You know it’s there. You feel the wild thrill of how big you are flowing through your veins, but you are terrified. You are terrified that it’s just an illusion. You are terrified that you will fail. You are afraid if you don’t reach the high expectations that you have set for yourself that you are a failure. And so, you settle for less.

But, guess what? Your life wants so much more than just the small stuff for you. Your life has ginormous plans for you, but you have to own it. Yes, you won’t always reach your ginormous goal the first time you reach for it. That is part of the process of life. And what we perceive as failure isn’t always failure. Sometimes we plan one thing, but life leads us one way, so we can actually become the thing we were meant to be.

We have to learn to trust life. But trusting life, means giving life something in return. You have to show life your worth. Failure is not reaching for the things we want in life. Failure is staying in a relationship with someone who doesn’t show us the true respect and love we deserve. Failure is aiming low. Failure is being afraid to succeed. Failure is playing small.

Admit what you really want. Admit that you deserve it. Admit that you really are enough. Admit that no one can take your enoughness away from you. There is nothing you have to do to be enough. You are enough because you exist. Thank you for all that you are. Now get out there and be ginormous!

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  1. I agree with mostly everything except the first picture and the first paragraph. Sometimes people want attention or recognition from the person who gives it the least. Chasing after someone, even if he can’t give me the world, is exciting. Maybe I could catch his interest and we’ll both have the world to give to each other. Of course there are the people who really don’t even deserve a hello. But sometimes, people surprise you with what they can give when someone allows them to truly open up…even if it means having to chase them.

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