Living Life Without A Safety Net

living without a safety net

Do you know the one thing that people who have followed their dreams have in common?  None of them knew what the outcome of taking the steps to follow those dreams would be.  They didn’t know if things would turn out like they wanted it to or if, instead, they would wind up failing at what they set out to do. They all had to take a leap knowing there was no safety net below.

It is normal when trying to create the life you want to feel some fear. When you are in the midst of doing the hard work to create the life you want, you will wonder if you have what it takes. You will have to come to a point where you have to leave behind the safety of comfort and the known and you must take that jump into the unknown, and you know there will be no net to catch you.

Or, is there a safety net? You see, fear likes to lie to us. Fear wants to keep you from fulfilling your life purpose, so fear will hold you back in every way possible. Fear knows that when you worry about how the situation will turn out, when you start trying to control everyone and everything, that the giggling stops and you will lose your bliss. Fear wants things to stay the same. It abhors change and will convince you that you shouldn’t exchange the mundane comfort of where you are for the powerful joyful being that you could be.

Are there risks to changing? Yes, and there might even be failure. But not really. The worst thing that can happen is that we wind up somewhere different from where we thought we would end up. But, I promise you will have changed in the process. You will have learned. You will be different. And, you will be farther along the path to becoming the you who you were meant to be than if you had never jumped in the first place.

I am someone who is absolutely terrified of heights. My whole body shakes when I look down at the edge of a drop off. But, you know what? I absolutely love skydiving and paragliding. The jumping part is scary for me. But, once I’ve jumped and I’m sailing through the air, it’s just exhilarating. I’m doing something that I was terrified to do, and I’m viewing the world from above, and it’s just so insanely quiet. It’s nothing like I thought it would be when I jumped. I reach the ground, and, I want to do it again!!

living life without a safety net

Photo taken by Anni Tracy

The Universe has an amazing safety net that appears, but only when you jump. When you jump, situations and people will start to appear to support you in your dreams. The Universe always gives you exactly what you need. Even what may sometimes feel like failure may be the Universe gently nudging you into another direction.

We try so hard to control so many things. We try to control the outcomes of our own situations. We try to control our environment, to control others, how they believe, how others choose to love us, how others choose to live. What if we just stopped?  And enjoyed what showed up? Exactly how it shows up.  Surrender. Let go. Forget about the safety net and let yourself fly. You just might end up exactly where you should be.

Featured Photo Credit: Neal. via Compfight cc

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  1. Hi Valen,

    Appreciated you dropping by and leaving me a comment about the Akashic Age…so I thought I’d return the favor…and here we have the Universal Safety Net!

    Very appropriate timing for me since I am moving towards a great state of inner freedom and letting go of past restrictions.

    Thanks for the reminder to take a leap of faith!


  2. Inspiring post, and I love the photo! This is a great reminder to live in the moment!

  3. Most of this is true however the universe, in my opinion (based on decades of experience), doesn’t give a shit about you. Certain laws will protect and propel you to new heights no doubt, but there is no one who will do it for you. The universe will just as gladly let you suffer in horror and die, as it is to guide you toward goodness and success.

    The universe is a pain in the ass so get moving and kick some motherfucking ass with no fear.


  4. i am 51 years old
    I am afraid of loosing my safety net because i have no one else to take care of me. I had a career but now i have been unemployed for 5 yrs now. if i didn’t have my “safety net” i would be living on the streets or not at all. at the time of this writing i have a full arm cast so again i am glad to have my safety net. I wish i could let go but, God will do it eventually my grandma is 103 yrs old and my mom is 76. that’s all the family i have. they have been my support system through an abusive husband relationship and many years of unemployment. i guess my life is already planned out.

  5. Michelle. As one person in a safety net to another, please get out and make some contacts. You gotta have people in your life that can support you at least emotionally.

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