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Where To Find My Work On Elephant Journal And Rebelle Society

I am honored to have my writing on two incredible online publications recently. The biggest one getting attention is my post about my ayahuasca journey on Elephant Journal. In less than a week, it’s already had 24,000 shares! This is incredibly exciting to me, as ayahuasca has changed my life so much, that I am now helping the woman who leads the ceremonies here in San Miguel to give retreats. I would love more people to experience this life changing medicine and to know more about who they really are.

I wrote another powerful article for Elephant Journal about Victim Mentality. In it, I talk about how we often let the things that happened to us in the past affect our present experiences in a negative way. The article tells you how to change this and how to develop a creator mentality instead of a victim mentality.

I also had my writing published on Rebelle Society, a website that publishes stories of creative rebellion. They published one of my most popular stories, You don’t need to set yourself on fire to keep others warm. In it, I talk about how often we abandon ourselves to keep others happy. It’s impossible to have a healthy relationship with someone else if we lose ourselves in the process.

Another article, I had published on Rebelle Society was From breakdown to breakthrough: your brokenness is perfect.  The article explains how true perfection can be encountered only after we realize that everything is already exactly the way that it should be. It’s about accepting all of who you are, even the broken parts.

I also inspire others to take action on following their dreams on Rebelle Society’s, Don’t wait any longer — 5 tips for committing to your dreams. 

I am excited that the words I have written are reaching more people. If you enjoy my articles, I would be appreciative if you share them with others through Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

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