You Think You Have Time

you think you have time

I’ll live where I want when I retire. I’ll get to it later. I’ll just work in the corporate world for ten years, and then I will create a life I enjoy. I’ll do it tomorrow.

How many times have we promised ourselves tomorrow only to find it never arrives? In today’s world, we often put aside our dreams for comfort, our passions for security, and we let our fears take away our power. We choose unfulfilled lives for freedom, thinking that we can always do it differently tomorrow.

People don’t follow their dreams because they are afraid. They are afraid of losing security. They are afraid if they do what they want, they will die. They have become comfortably numb.

What should scare them is that life is short. The reality is if we don’t follow our purpose, our passions, our joys, that’s when the death begins. And the soul’s death is one hundred times worse than the body’s.

The problem is we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow. We are only guaranteed this present moment. And we are telling the Universe who we are by the actions we display in only this moment. That’s it. That’s all we have. That’s who we are.

We also miss some of the most special moments of our lives because we think we will have time for them later. We tell ourselves that we will do the things we enjoy when we retire. We will go fishing, we will travel, create art, we will do so much…..later. But, later never comes. There is always something standing in the way.

So, I want to propose that we change this way of thinking. I want to propose that we encourage and inspire each other. I propose that we start a Twitter campaign now. Let’s take the world by storm. You think you have time, but right now, time has you. Let’s change this.

Using the hashtag, #youthinkyouhavetime write your dreams, the thing you always wanted to do. But, don’t stop there. Write about the things in each day that bring you joy. Write about the things that you are saving until later. Write the name of your favorite beach. You know. The one that’s your screen saver that you promised yourself you would visit later.

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Let’s get inspired. Let’s find a way to do them now.

I also want to offer a free 15-minute Skype session to anyone who wants guidance to start living their dreams now. Because time is running out. And, I want to help. #youthinkyouhavetime. Let’s do it now.

Email me at [email protected] to get some encouragement from me, and let’s all make use of the time that we have. Let’s change the world one second at a time.

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  1. Inspiring post! It’s so true we easily hold ourselves back, and time can go by quickly without us even realizing it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Agreed. I use to always use the quote: “If not now, when?” Too many of us always say “someday” but someday should be today.

  3. “Never consider a waste of time any moment that may have brought
    you an enlightened thought”

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