What You And Your Problems Have In Common


What’s stopping you from living the life you truly want to live?

Are you blaming it on your problems? Are you blaming it on your income, your family, or things that have happened to you in the past? Are you blaming the problems in your relationship on the other person?

I set out to travel the world a year ago. A lot of people envied me. They all thought I was living the perfect life. It seemed like that would be the magic answer to solving all of my problems.  But you know what? My problems didn’t go away. Oh sure, I was getting to see magical things and amazing places. But, if nothing else, my problems only became amplified. You see, I was the only one there watching the sunset drop into the ocean.  I was the only one listening to my thoughts of loneliness or exhaustion or sadness.  I was the only one there to face my fears, and really feel my own worries and insecurities without there being anyone to blame them on.

It was then that I realized that all of my problems were really caused by own fear.  Yes, I was the one causing my problems by the way I decided to view the world.  The thing that me and all my problems had in common was me.  I feared loss of what I had. I feared failure. I feared that I wasn’t “good enough.” I had spent my whole life trying to put my trust in myself rather than putting it in the Universe.  I realized that my beliefs about who I was and what I had the ability to accomplish were holding me back from being all that I could be.

I realized that it was my reactions to what happened to me that caused my problems.  Do you ever notice that there are some people who have the worst things happen to them and they don’t let those things take away their inner joy?  I noticed a lot of those people living in other countries. I met people who have hard lives, and yet they have an inner joy  that just shines through. I decided to live my life that way.

It’s a whole lot easier to create new things and new possibilities in your life when you aren’t letting your energy get carried away by stress, or worries, or anxiety. Sometimes, I still let emotion carry me away, but I try to be more conscious of it when it arises and stop it in its tracks.

I have found that things like meditation, dance, yoga, gratitude, chakra balancing, visualizing and reprogramming my mind with binaural beats have all helped to change the way that I think and live.

A problem won’t go away until you find the cause. I invite you to recognize that the only person you can control is you.  Yes, sometimes people may do things to us that may bring up anger or fear. But, choose instead to see what it is they are mirroring back to you. Are you denying something in yourself that you see in that other person? How can you respond with peace and love rather than anger or judgement?

Is something holding you back from doing everything you want in life? Is it fear? Work on letting those fears go, so you can create the life you deserve.  Every single thing about you is worthy of that. 

Do you want help releasing your fears? Amy and Valen provide counseling and healing sessions to help you create a better life.


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  1. Always motivating! It’s easy to blame or make excuses, but pushing yourself to go do what you really want changes it all!

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