Get To Know Energy Healing And How It Works

When Glen Hoddle, the coach of the English national football team, admitted that many of his players habitually consulted a spiritual healer all the newspapers reported the news. It was immediately thought that this was a new fashion. In reality, spiritual healing (sometimes called “natural” or “by suggestion”) is undoubtedly the oldest form of healing known to man. It has been practiced in various forms all over the world for thousands of years. Like many other ancient practices, it has been denied in the past century throughout the West. Only recently has it been rediscovered.

This healing energy is described as a mixture of “earth energies”, electromagnetic energy that is in and around us, and that is channeled into the healer from what can be defined as a Divine spirit, God or universal energy. The patient does not need to believe in a particular religion or spiritual healing to benefit from therapy. Those who are ready to die should try using the energy.

It is good to keep in mind that what is called spiritual healing is not in itself a cure. One of the fundamental beliefs of the operators of the sector, is that, for some people, the disease can be part of their karma (i.e. of their spiritual life plan). In some cases, therefore, even if healing can alleviate symptoms, it does not guarantee its cure. However, practitioners believe that hidden, emotional or other factors affect healing. There are indeed documented proofs of definitive “miraculous” healings.

Remote energy healing begins with a bio energetic test that investigates the functionality of the 7 chakra points, the Chinese meridians and the energy of the internal human organs. This is a real quantum checkup carried out remotely without the obligation, on your part, to have to move to undergo any sessions. Once the bioenergy analysis or screening has been completed, we will have identified all the points and all the areas in which energy blockages, excesses or deficiencies and energy transformation should occur. At this point we will provide you with an abundant number of targeted and personalized naturopathic advice, in order to balance the flow of excess, deficient or interrupted energy.

Illness is an external signal of an inner imbalance

Illness is an external signal of an inner imbalance. Spiritual healing acts holistically, involving the organism in its totality: physical, mind, emotional and spiritual sphere. All these parts interact with each other and often the real cause of a disease becomes evident only through its healing progress. The operators support the theory according to which in the body there are seven main “energy centers” (chakras), each of which responds to the vibrations of the healing energy with different speed.

The seven chakras are: base, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, forehead (third eye) and crown (it is not necessary to know exactly where these centers are to benefit from therapy). While the base and crown centers have only one exit (at the base of the spine at the apex of the head), the other centers have two, one behind, and through the whole body. Each center is correlated and infuses energy into a different part of the body and has different emotional, mental and spiritual functions. The base center, for example, is related to the adrenal glands, kidneys, bladder, spine, colon and legs.

When people are “with their feet firmly planted on the ground” or “balanced” it means that the base center is functioning properly. The chakra theory maintains that when the well-balanced base center the whole body works more effectively it supports stress better; this center gives vitality, stability and a healthy sense of self-preservation. If, on the contrary, the base center is unbalanced, feelings of fear, loss of self-esteem or shame emerge, even if the original cause cannot be understood. From a physical point of view, this is thought to lead to chronic spiritual tension among other things. All this is described by what’s called the remote bio-energy analysis.

Remote bio-energy analysis: How does it work?

The remote bio-energy analysis is based on the Integrated Palombo Method (IPM) method, thanks to which the holistic operator is able to come into visual and emotional contact with you. The physical presence of the person to be examined is important, but with IPM we are able to produce the same results even from a distance simply by looking at one of your photographs (possibly of the whole picture). The muscle micro-pulses picked up by the holistic operator properly read; give a clear picture of your energy status.

What is the Integrated Palombo Method (IPM)?

The IPM method is the method devised by Vincenzo R. Palombo during the successes achieved in ten years of bio-energy analysis. It is a method that integrates three important disciplines such as: Applied Kinesiology, Teleradiesthesia and the technique of the Blending learned directly by Dr. Nader Butto. This method allows the operator to know with extreme precision the blocks, the deficiencies and the energetic excesses of any biological entity that has a body, a mind and that is animated by energy.

The body

The body is the physical part, and therefore the most manifest, and it is through the common five senses (taste, smell, touch, hearing and sight) that it is possible to investigate the state of health and vigor. Conventional medicine takes care of this, that is, it evaluates a body based on the answers it gets after wisely stimulating it.

The mind

The mind is not detectable through the five senses, in fact the mind is not tasted, it does not smell, it is not touched, it is not heard or seen, but it can still be analyzed through the senses with appropriate stimulations and / or through an emotional involvement between psychotherapist and patient.

The energy

Finally we have the most subtle part of the human being, that part which many people conventionally call the spirit. Energy, or bio energy, invades both the body and the mind and flows as intensely as it is vigorous and healthy in body and mind; therefore the flow of energy is always proportional to the state of general health. To obtain higher awareness, several spiritual readings are needed, for example Clairvoyant reading. At first, you need to understand the definition of Clairvoyant.

Detecting energy for distance energy healing

The detection of a strongly vital energy such as chakra and meridians cannot be performed by a machine, because the receiver / therapist, besides being particularly sensitive, must be at least alive. A machine instead can only detect physically measurable data of biochemical, electromagnetic, physical, etc. Therefore it is not suitable for bio-energy analysis. This device is able to detect all the altered states of the cells that usually occur before the onset of a disease, however, as far as chakras and meridians are concerned, mechanical detection is not today a reliably viable practice.

Important scientific bases

In addition to the ten-year empirical experience gained with this activity, neuroscience and quantum physics have been able to confirm through experiments in the laboratory the existence of actual direct communications between apparently disconnected particles and placed very far from each other, thus proving that space does not represent any obstacle in the relationships between cells and living beings.

The experiment of twin photons: Experiment by electroencephalogram

Lastly, the experiment appeared in 1994 on “Phisics Essays” signed by Prof. Grinberg Zilberbaum and others, which demonstrated how two people monitored from an electroencephalographic point of view (EEG), isolated and placed in two different shielded rooms respond simultaneously to a light stimulus applied to a single subject. In these experiments the motivation and the conviction to want to communicate in a non-physical way and the cerebral disposition in a state of alpha waves, constitute one of the important variants for the phenomenon to be completed.


A very important element to consider is that we do not recommend making a medical diagnosis, but we intend to give you the right advice to be able to take action before a medical examination is needed. Our goal is to promote prevention and the best way to do this is to work in the root.

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